Break-ins on S. Side

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Numerous car break-ins on the south side.  Little to no police presence since Chief Radzik was hired. Chief Hart was so much more accountable, professional, present and responsive. He knew the real meaning of “serve and protect.” He enforced the true law not what City Government dictated.  He walked the walk unlike our new chief who only jumps through hoops when Marl and O’Toole tell her. EMBARRASSING!

There are teen boys constantly walking around peeking in cars and then coming back after dark to steal what they can.  Rarely is there ANY Police patrols.  Deterrence can be effective with increased not DECREASED patrols.  I support our police officers that do a tremendous job when they’re not stifled by wannabe politicians.  
Our mayor and city council placed this new chief because she would do or not do what the mayor and council says. They did the same thing when they hired O’Toole.  Another puppet for the mayor and his cronies on council. 
Saline’s public safety is of no concern to the mayor or council!  Look how they tried to back stab the fire chief.  This government is corrupt and only acts on their own agendas.  Thought they were supposed to support their community ???🤔
The mayor only supports his ego, Men’s Warehouse, Roget’s thesaurus and HIS puppets in Government. No regard for citizens!  
Support and protect the entire city not just those you choose. 

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