All I wanted is a nice bath

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I was trying to take a bath.  I am having skin, teeth and feeling just overall unclean. My whites are not white, my dishes dont get as clean.  I have lived in 6different states, 3 different counties in MI and have never paid more for water than I do here in Saline not even CA. I think this is causing me and my kids health problems and so does my Dr. My dentist is ready to write a statement that in fact IT DOES HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON YOUR TEETH.  I am not a a genius by any means and have no knowledge in this area but, am I wrong to assume if its staining my clothes, dishes and porcelain toilet and bath, would it not do the same to our skin, teeth and hair?

Why is the water as expensive as it is brown?  This is insane.

I see that we are to run until clear but how many fills of the tub does that take?  I think that the Saline water department should clear my water bill.  If I have to run till clear each time one of us wants to take a shower I am gonna be in the poor house.  I think that I can only afford 2 showers a week because to run till clear will fill my garden tub up at least 4 times before it goes to a light brown.  

Decrease Salines residents and businesses water rates!!!!!!!

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