LETTER: Saline Area Schools Answer Questions About the Bond Proposal


(This content was provided by Saline Area Schools)

Dr. Stephen Laatsch, Saline Area Schools (SAS) Superintendent has prepared a series of responses for Frequently Asked Questions that he has received from the public regarding the upcoming $180,000,000 SAS Bond Proposal.

This proposal will be voted on by the SAS community on November 8th, 2022.

The questions are listed below:
1. What’s the history of school funding?
2. What is the current annual budget of the Saline Area Schools?
3. How much money is put into the instructional program in the Saline Area Schools and how
does that compare to other districts across the state?
4. What is included in this SAS 2022 bond proposal?
5. What would this bond cost the residents?
6. How is it possible to reduce the tax rate and raise this kind of money?
7. What is your track record for previous bond proposals and why are you referring to this latest
bond proposal as a fiscally responsible approach to school funding?
8. $180,000,000 is a lot of money! Some people are really hurting in this economy with costs
rising, inflation on the rise and so forth. What do you say to these people?
9. Some students are struggling with academics and their social emotional wellness coming out
of the Pandemic. What are you doing to address it and how can this bond proposal help?

Please Click HERE to read detailed responses to these questions

Please contact Dr. Stephen Laatsch at laatschs@salineschools.org (OR via Let’s Talk) if you have
any further questions about this bond proposal

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