Saline Area Schools Committee to Discuss "Controversial Issues Policy" Tuesday


The Saline Area School Board of Education Policy Committee to discuss the "controversial issues" policy.

The meeting begins at 5:15 p.m.

(CORRECTION: The regular Board of Education meeting will not take place Tuesday. It is March 21 at 6:30 p.m.)

The Policy Committee plans to engage with meeting attendees in "meaningful dialogue" surrounding Controversial Issues Policy 2240. The purpose of the meeting is to involve constituents in the policy-making process.

Here's the current policy, last amended in 2019.



The Board of Education believes that the consideration of controversial issues has a legitimate place in the instructional program of the schools.

Properly introduced and conducted, the consideration of such issues can help students learn to identify important issues, explore fully and fairly all sides of an issue, weigh carefully the values and factors involved, and develop techniques for formulating and evaluating positions.

For purposes of this policy, a controversial issue is a topic likely to arouse both support and opposition in the community.

The Board will permit the introduction and proper educational use of controversial issues provided that their use in the instructional program:

  1. is related to the instructional goals of the course of study and level of maturity of the students;
  2. does not attempt to indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view;
  3. encourages open-mindedness and is conducted in a spirit of scholarly inquiry.

The Board recognizes that a course of study or certain instructional materials may contain content and/or activities that some parents find objectionable. If after careful, personal review of the program lessons and/or materials, a parent indicates to the school that either content or activities conflicts with his/her religious beliefs or value system, the school will honor a written request for his/her child to be excused from particular classes for specified reasons. The student, however, will not be excused from participating in the course or activities mandated by the State and will be provided alternative learning activities during times of parent requested absences.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines for dealing with controversial issues.

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This sounds like an excellent, well-thought out policy. I’m glad the school board is taking on this issue. I hope the form for parents to opt out is issued by the school only. The “forms” being passed around by groups like Moms for Liberty are not only invalid, but disgraceful.

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