A Triumphant Return to Hornet Stadium for the Saline High School Marching Band


Cora Hart is a drum major for the Saline High School marching band. She led the band during its performance at Hornet Stadium Oct. 1

The Saline High School marching band made a triumphant return to Hornet Stadium last Thursday.


The band performed a socially-distanced program for a socially distanced crowd.

Director Nate Lampman said he was proud of what the members of the marching band were able to learn and accomplish despite so many challenges due to the COVID-19 situation.

Lampman told the audience about some of the changes. He wrote a program that kept any of the members from performing within six feet of each other. The members of the band learned to play wearing masks. They learned to play with instrument covers.

"Thing after thing, after thing. And every time, they just accepted it and moved forward with great incredible attitude and effort," Lampman said.

Even more impressive, he said, was what they've been able to learn with far less practice time than Saline's marching bands typically put in. Lampman noted the band is now in hour 30 of instruction. In a normal year, you reach hour 30 on Sunday night of summer band camp. Normally, at the beginning of October, the band will have had 70 hours of instruction.

"I don't share this an excuse. I share this because it's an incredible achievement," Lampman said. "Especially for the new people coming in. That's an extremely difficult task, to learn all this, to get the physical part happening and get the music. I could not be more proud of them."

The audience welcomed the marching band with applause. 

The performance began with the Saline High School fight song and "Eat'Em Up!"

Lampman then directed the band through the Star Spangled Banner.

The band performed the halftime show, with the drumline opening with a rousing display.

Drum majors Cora Hart and Alaina Dorset then led the band through its show. This year's theme is space - inspired by Space X, Comet Neowise, Space Force and social distancing.

Another band performance is scheduled for Oct. 15.


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