LETTER: Walberg Cares, Works Hard for His District


I never write to the editor and very rarely donate to a politician. I do both for Tim Walberg and here is why. I have seen firsthand how much he cares for and is committed to his job as our Congressman. The first time I saw Representative Walberg was during the time when my son returned from his second deployment to Iraq. His unit was being honored for their service and a big event was scheduled. The governor was supposed to be there etc. It was on a very cold, very icy night in January and the roads were terrible but we got there to find that the only politician that came was Rep. Walberg. All others including the press decided it was too difficult to be there. Rep Walberg understood it was important to show our military and their families how important their service was. Actions speak volumes.

To suggest Tim Walberg is a racist is naïve and is only done by someone who does not really know him. You see, his son-in-law is from Africa. He and Tim’s daughter met when she was in Africa as a missionary. The Walberg’s grandchild is mixed race. People should make the effort to meet their representatives and government officials. Look someone in the eye and shake their hand before making judgements or simply repeating some other source’s biased position. Tim Walberg knows what it takes to serve his district, farmers and small-town residents equally. He has been serving our district for many years and many times when no press is there to record the work. Take the time to really meet Tim Walberg because he is there in Congress working hard for Michigan’s 7th District because he really cares.

Thank you,

Cindy MejiaSaline

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