Gretchen Driskell represents for me the growing change that I can feel within my community of Saline. This year, we fought against the racism that reared its head in our schools and neighborhoods, pushed for a more diverse and inclusive curriculum for our children, and stood with Black Lives Matter in protesting police brutality and systematic racism. And we’re not done. This is just the beginning of another wave of progress for our community. Gretchen is someone who started us on this path, as the Mayor of Saline, and steered us in a direction of improvement and innovation. She is someone who leads by example, and works tirelessly to let us know that local government matters and that she won’t leave us or our communities behind. When you meet Gretchen, you can’t help but root for her. She is the embodiment of what our nation needs to strive for: tolerance, bipartisanship, and resilience. Gretchen is going to care about each and every person in this district, no matter the city, township, or county they live in, unlike Tim Walberg.

Tim Walberg touts that he is bipartisan and similar to Gretchen, but in reality his radical Tea Party viewpoints are damaging to our healthcare, economy, and environment. The bar for Tim Walberg’s bipartisanship is so low that he is still actively undermining the stimulus bills that are coming from the House of Representatives and votes with his party a whopping 97% of the time. After all, he has actively opposed gay marriage, worked to undermine clean energy, tried to underfund our nation’s schools, is still trying to remove our healthcare during a pandemic, supports wiretapping surveillance, and has actively voted against tax codes benefiting the middle and working classes. Gretchen, on the other hand, supports our civil liberties, supports bringing clean energy jobs to the state, expanded Medicaid and believes in affordable, accessible healthcare, and actively supports the middle class. It’s time for us in the 7th to finally get a member of Congress who speaks for all of us, and I can think of no better person to represent us than Gretchen Driskell.


Sean Farnum

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