Q&A With Saline City Council Candidate Brian Cassise


Brian Cassise is one of five candidates seeking office on Saline City Council in the upcoming election. He joins incumbent Jack Ceo, Jenn Harmount, Chuck Lesch and Christen Mitchell on the ballot.

Here's our Q&A with Brian Cassise

Brian Cassise

Family info you’d like to share

Single, never married and no children.

Educational/career experience: 

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University.

Over 15 years at Toyota

Government experience: 

Saline City Council candidate the past 4 years.

What’s your motivation for running:

My strong desire to be involved in the community that I call home and I’m in a position to give back.

Additionally, with my engineering background and fiscally responsible decision-making abilities I can complete tasks on time and on budget. I know how to plan for the worst and achieve maximum results.

Why are you the right choice to serve on council?

I can do math!! I recognize that decisions council makes impact all of us and as I’m not opposed to spending money on infrastructure and proper maintenance, council must be held accountable to know the impact on our diverse community.

What issue will rank as your top priority if elected?

My focus is based on a hierarchy of needs. Let’s focus on the infrastructure that impacts 100% of our community. Let’s get drinking water and waste water under control. I’ve yet to meet someone that doesn’t drink water or use the restroom!!

Until our basic needs are accounted for we shouldn’t be focused on any fluff!!

To get an idea about your willingness to use government power to coerce people to do things against their will, and to get an idea of your willingness to stand up against the orders of higher government, we’d like you to answer this question: Before the courts struck down Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, the city was about to adopt it. How would you have voted? Please explain your answer.

I would have been adamantly opposed any mandate. Health decisions should be between a doctor and the patient.

The government's involvement in our lives should be minimal. We have a duty to be law-abiding citizens. Treat others with dignity and respect. Help our neighbors. Live our lives to the best of our ability. Treat people the way we want to be treated. Live by the golden rule and set an example for others to strive to achieve.

The council recently formed a Human Rights Commission to investigate alleged violations of the NonDiscrimination Ordinance.  Do you support the formation of this body?  Can you think of any instances/examples where this will be used? While fighting discrimination is important, what assurances can you give people that this commission won’t be used to punish people for wrongthink?

Nope! It’s all smoke and mirrors.
Nope! We have state laws protecting employees and individuals.

It is important that common sense prevails. 

Council recently voted to outsource local police dispatch service. Does the city need its own police department? Please explain your answer.

This is a difficult question as I know many of the Saline Police officers and value what they do for City. My dad is a retired Oakland County Sheriff and I value his service and respect his opinion; which I have consulted to gather a diverse perspective on this matter. Before I’d make a decision I’d create a pro and con decision matrix and consult with stakeholders. There could be some advantages to contracting police services from Washtenaw County.

Can a town of 9,000 people continue to fund a Rec Center that serves the wider community ? What solutions can you see?

This is a complicated situation. I’m not a member of the Rec Center. I have a Planet Fitness membership as it’s closer to my home and better aligns with my finances. I’m fiscally conservative!

I’d need to see the Rec Center’s yearly financial statements to understand the revenue and expenses to make the most informed decision. In general, I believe that private companies can do better than anything connected to the Government.

The city charter has a plainly narrow definition of the mayor’s duties, yet Saline has a long history of mayors working 20-30 hours a week from city hall. Do you see a problem with this? Or is this a good thing for the city? Please explain your answer.

Well someday when I retire, I’d be interested in a Mayor type position. Having the ability to be connected to a wonderful community, to continue the legacy and ensure a prosperous future while being involved and social with all constituents. That being said, my understanding is the position is a salaried position. From my recollection, the salary is nominal and basically a figurehead position so if there is work to be done and the city is able to recruit someone willing to dedicate the time; we should capitalize on it as much as possible.

Are you satisfied with the direction of the city? Please explain your answer.

In general, no. The current direction is what has motivated me to get involved. We need to focus on the basics. I’m a blunt and honest person. No bs. No drama. I want to be everyone’s neighbor. I’m always willing to help someone in need without an agenda. I’m hopeful that the Saline residents, my fellow neighbors get out to vote for me on November 7th.

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