Why Are So Many Americans Falling Off The Edges?

(This is an opinion piece)

The question is "why?" Why are these people acting like lunatics? Why do they believe seemingly nonsensical theories, travel across the country, break into the Capitol building, and risk getting killed by police?

They are the same questions I had  when some of the Black Lives Matter protests turned violent. Actually, those were easier to understand. That narrative, accurate or not, has been explained to us. But it was still important for me to consider what fueled the mayhem as people condemned the violence. 

If you start asking why, you're going to go beyond what you saw from the talking heads on TV last night.

This isn't about Trump. Or Walberg. Or Soros. Or Pelosi. Or whoever you hold up as your personal bogeyman. This doesn't get solved with you looking down your nose at "other people." 

When do we start looking at the growing discontent in America and ask, "what is causing this?"

This rage isn't only on  TV. We're seeing the edges fray around Saline.

That "road rage" shooting in Lodi Township wasn't just someone angry about getting cut off. Two days before shooting at a driver in our community, he tweeted: "How do I sign up to be on the firing line when it comes time, I might not be the best shot but I’ll bet cha I’ll put some holes in some prime targets. Line em up POTUS."

The discontent is real. It may be closer than you think. It should not be viewed like the regular political theater that entertains us in our comfy recliners. 

Too many Americans are falling off the edges. Too many of us seem to be saying "Good. Let them fall. They're worthless."It's like we're letting ourselves and our politics be defined by who we deem worthwhile and who we deem worthless. 

We must bring people back from the edge. We do that with love and compassion. Saline, like many American communities, is a loving and caring community. But too many people are falling through the cracks. Too many people have been hardened and attracted to the mayhem and violent rhetoric.

And that leads us to the question: What do we do about it?

Unfortunately, I can't think of much that doesn't sound cheap or empty when I say it out loud. So if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. 

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