Stully's CE Basketball Recap: Prestige Worldwide Tops the Power Rankings


Community Ed Basketball coordinator Scott Stull reviews the action and even makes predictions for next week's games!

Welcome to Stully’s CE BB Recap:

2021 Pre Season Rankings:

  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Fighting Fluffies
  3. KoolAidJammers
  4. Malnourished Men
  5. Jelly Universe
  6. Doc Deans
  7. Average Joes
  8. Fighting Keeblers
  9. Perk Daddys
  10. Hornets


Anyone in the top 5 could win it, especially with a short season! Prestige is solid inside and out, with a couple of slashers that can get to the basket. Fluffs have some shooters and ball handlers, they just need another post to help KBJ. Don’t sleep on the Jammers, they have size in the middle, shooters and athletes all over the roster. The Malnourished Men need to step up their consistency to compete. Jelly U has some athletes and shooters, but lack a ball handler. The Doc Ds have some talent, but not enough for the top 5. The Average Joes will be…….average. The Keebler’s have a blend of youth and experience, just not enough to be a contender. Perk Daddy’s are short on depth to compete. And Hornets, yes the Freshmen group, you, unfortunately, will take your lumps!! Nothing personal or disrespectful toward any team, just an old guy’s perspective!

Good luck to all teams!!


Predictions for 2/21

Doc Deans V Hornets

This is a great opportunity for Doc Deans to start the season with a win as they play the freshmen group. For the Deans, they have some ball handlers and shooters to be successful this game, but look to Master’s in the post to be a potential difference maker as the Hornets will struggle with post defense. Hornets, you will need to hit a bunch of 3’s and double down in the post to stay in this one. Doc D starts 1-0 with a double-digit win.

Perk Daddy’s V Malnourished Men

Malnourished Men will start the season 1-0 as they will handle Perk Daddys with out too much trouble. The test for the Men will be to find defensive consistency and a balanced offense. They should be able to get out and run, putting this game out of reach early and winning by double digits. P. Daddy, you need to find some scoring past Price and Roles to have a chance.

Fighting Fluffies V Prestige Worldwide

Heavyweight bout in week #1!! For Prestige to win, they will need multiple players to hit 3s, and have Darmos/Holmberg rule the post, yes post!! They also will need to get out and run, along with turning defense into offense. Fluff’s, you will also need multiple players to hit 3’s, but more importantly, play stellar “D” and rebound! If either team is cold from behind the arc, they have no chance. This will be a close one and maybe even an OT or 2. Prestige by 1.

V Jelly Universe

I see the Jammers pulling this one out in a top 5 matchup. If the Jammers show up, they have the inside-outside game to put up some points. Pound the post, 3 point kickouts, slashing to the basket and hitting the boards will be a key to victory. Jelly U, you will need big games from Wiz, Hutch and Allen. Will Rykard be a difference maker, depends on if he has touched a BB lately? I got the Jammers by 4-7 points.

KoolAidJammers V Average Joes

The Jammers will need to use their depth here(12 on the roster) to go 2-0 on the day. On paper, this is no contest, BUT, KAJ is coming off a potentially tough first game. The will need to pound inside, hit some shots on offense and play tenacious defense against the Joe’s ball handlers. If they do that, then no issues. Joe’s, 2-3, deny post entry, double down and hope they do not make the outside shot. That will give you, an “outside shot”. You will also need to hit several 3’s, and play perfect “D”. I still got the Jammers by 10+.

Fighting Keeblers v Average Joes

Back to back for Joes will be tough. I would pick you in this one without the back to back. The Keeblers blend youth and experience, will need to hit a few 3’s and drive to the basket. Joe’s, with the beating in game 1 you can come out with a chip on your shoulder or give in. I do not see them giving in, bit I WILL predict the first upset of the season. Keeblers by 3.



  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Fighting Fluffies
  3. KoolAidJammers
  4. Malnourished Men
  5. Jelly Universe
  6. Doc Deans
  7. Average Joes
  8. Fighting Keeblers
  9. Perk Daddys
  10. Hornets

Recap 2/21

Doc Deans-72 V Hornets-32

Doc D’s had little trouble with the youthful Hornets as they rode the early hot hand of Kieran Dean(16 pts) and everyone scored. Sam Jane added 14 and Luke Masters chipped in with 12 for the Doc’s. The Hornets were paced offensively by Noah Bonner, Matt Sierak, Josh Folk and Ethan Bull, all with 5 points.

Malnourished Men-25 V Doc Deans-24

Malnourished Men pulled this one out in a low scoring game that went down to the last seconds. Was it good defense, or bad offense in this one?? I would like to think good defense. Men were led by Jack Doorlag’s 7 free throws(critical at the end), and Kyle Socha’s 5 points. Docs were led by Kieran Dean’s 9 points and Nate Hermanson’s 5 points.

Prestige Worldwide-52 V Fighting Fluffies-48

My best prediction of the week, an OT game! This game went back and forth and it took an Aidan Arbaugh contested, banked three to send it to OT. In OT, Prestige had too much firepower for the Fluff’s to overcome. Prestige were led by Nathan Luther’s 20 points, while Nathan Holmberg had 13 and Nick Walper added 12. The Fluff’s were paced on offense by Aidan Arbaugh with 21, Ben Sundquist’s 15 and John Barnett with 10 points.

Jelly Universe-50 V KoolAidJammers-29

And now my worst pick of the week. Not that Larry’s absence was the reason for the loss, but it did contribute. Jelly U played well and shared the PG duties between Jack Allen and Augie Hutchison. Allen led the offense with 18 points while Luke Rykard chipped in with 14. Caden Winston(10) and John Frick(8) were the leading scorers for KAJ.

KoolAidJammers-45 V Average Joes-30

KAJ recovered to end the day 1-1 with a victory over Average Joe’s. Donny Opland scored 11 while Gavin Lytle added 10 to pace the KAJ offense. Joe’s were led by Jacob Cotsonika and Liam Belote with 9 and 8 points, respectively.

Fighting Keeblers-40 V Average Joes-33

My upset pick came true!! Fighting Keeblers defeated the Joe’s behind 15 points from Kendall Cherry and Luke Helmer’s 12. Blake Wilson was the only Joe in double figures with 10.


Prestige 1-0

Malnourished Men 1-0

Jelly U 1-0

Fighting Keeblers 1-0

KoolAidJammers 1-1

Doc Deans 1-1

Fluffies 0-1

Hornets 0-1

Average Joe’s 0-2

Top Scorers:

Aidan Arbaugh-21

Nathan Luther-20

Jack Allen-18

Kieran Dean-16

Ben Sundquist-15

Kendall Cherry-15

Sam Jane-14

Luke Rykard-14

Nathan Holmberg-13

Luke Masters-12

Nick Walper-12

Luke Helmer-12

John Barnett-10

Caden Winston-10

Blake Wilson-10

Predictions for 2/28

Fighting Fluffies V Doc Deans

This one could be a battle as the Deans have established themselves as a tough team and the Fluff’s had a rough start to the season. I think the Fluff’s will come back this week with a vengeance. Fluff’s will need to contest K. Dean’s 3 pointers, play solid help “D” and rebound. Additionally, they need to come up with more offensive options. Deans, you will need to pick up offensive balance and take away Arby and Sunny D to win. I have Fluff’s in this one by 6 or more.

Malnourished Men V Fighting Fluffies

Fluff’s, this is a tough back to back. Men struggled offensively week #1 as Kandhan’s 3’s were neutralized, the give and go was taken away and they needed FT’s to win. Fluff’s, after Arby and Sunny D you will need more scorers to step up. Barny out or KBJ in?? Men, get out and run, use your soccer skills to lockdown on “D”, hit some 3’s. I have the Fluff’s in a close one, but OT??

Average Joes V Hornets

Joes, at 0-2 you need a win. Hornets, you need any wins this year. The Joes need to play team defense and run the floor. Look for the secondary break, kick and reverse. A few 3’s will help. Hornets, stellar defense is a must! Neutralize Belote and Wilson on the drive and force them to live and die by the 3. 2-3 zone MAY be an option. Oh, you will need to score! Joe’s win this one, BUT it could be close.

Fighting Keeblers V Hornets

Keeblers will prevail. They have a blend of experience/youth, Cherry can score and Mooreman surprised me a little. L. Helmer can shoot it a little, just don’t foul. Hornets, you will not have to be perfect, but lockdown “D” and a few 3’s will help. Hornets fall short, Keeblers win!

Prestige Worldwide V Jelly Universe

1 V 2 last week and 1 V 3 this week. Another big time matchup this week for Prestige. Jelly U got a lift from Rykard last week, he will need another big game along with the PG combo of Allen/Hutchison. Role players will need to play solid “D” and keep the offense flowing. Prestige has multiple scoring options and will need all to help out using an inside-outside approach. Defensive quickness will be a key for both teams. Prestige comes out on top in a close one, maybe OT??

Prestige Worldwide V KoolAidJammers

Will Prestige be able to keep up the intensity in this matchup? Will everyone show up on KAJ? On paper, Prestige has too much firepower for KAJ to overcome, BUT, playing 2 in a row is tough. Luckily, Prestige has a deep bench, but how deep do/can they go in the 1st game? KAJ will need to find some offense to survive via the dribble drive, kick and knockdown some 3’s. Prestige will just need to play their game and they will get the “W”. I am taking Prestige in this one by 5 or so.



  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Fighting Fluffies
  3. Jelly Universe
  4. Malnourished Men
  5. Doc Deans
  6. KoolAidJammers
  7. Fighting Keeblers
  8. Average Joe’s
  9. Hornets


Nate Hermanson-1

Recap 2/28

Fighting Fluffies-52 V Doc Deans-51

Doc Deans played the Fluff’s tough in a back and forth game. Both teams had significant leads in this one, but it came down to the Fluff’s playing for the last shot. With the game tied at 51, Kyler Blake-Jones was fouled with just seconds left, hitting the first FT to win the game. Aidan Arbaugh paced the offense with 23 points, while Ben Sundquist chipped in with 15. Kieran Dean had 22 and Julian Downey 10 for Doc D’s.

Malnourished Men-52 V Fighting Fluffies-41

The Fluff’s had no passion in game 2 of their back-to-back as they fell to Malnourished Men by double digits. Men used balanced scoring as 6 players scored 6 or more points with Zach Socha and Grant Male leading the way with 12 points each. Ben Sundquist(16) was the lone Fluff in double figures.

Hornets-34 V Average Joes-23

Hornets got their first-ever “W” in this game as they made Average Joe’s look-----AVERAGE!! Six Hornets scored as Connor Mitzel led the way with 12 points. Joe’s were led by Liam Belote and Ryan Fischer with 8 points each.

Fighting Keeblers-53 V Hornets-31

Hornets could not maintain their 1st
win momentum in this one as the Fighting Keeblers came out swinging on the young Hornets. Everyone scored for the Keeblers led by Luke Helmer!14), Aidan Moorman(11) and Kendall Cherry(10). Mitzel again led the Hornets offense with 8 points.

Prestige Worldwide-71 V Jelly Universe-45

Prestige put a whoopin on Jelly U in this one as every Prestige player scored. Seven players scored 6 or more points in a balanced offensive attack. Nathan Holmberg was the only player to hit double digits with 15 points. Jelly U was led by a career-high 25 points from Chance Bezeau, while Luke Rykard chipped in with a dozen.

Prestige Worldwide-61 V KoolAidJammers-41

Prestige earned back-to-back victories as they had little trouble with the under-manned Jammers. Prestige again had every player score as Nathan Luther led the way with 15 and Nick Walper hit for 12. KAJ had five players score 6 or more as Eric Wood hit double figures with 11 points.

Standings: Record Point Differential

Prestige Worldwide 3-0 +50

Fighting Keeblers 2-0 +29

Malnourished Men 2-0 +12

Jelly Universe 1-1 -5

Doc Deans 1-2 +38

KoolAidJammers 1-2 -26

Fighting Fluffies 1-2 -14

Hornets 1-2 -51

Average Joe’s 0-3 -33

Top Scorers:

Chance Bezeau-25

Aidan Arbaugh-23

Kieran Dean-22

Ben Sundquist-16

Ben Sundquist-15

Nathan Holmberg-15

Nathan Luther-15

Luke Helmer-14

Zach Socha-12

Grant Male-12

Connor Mitzel-12

Carter Hoffman-12

Luke Rykard-12

Nick Walper-12

Aidan Moorman-11

Eric Wood-11

Kendall Cherry-10

Julian Downey-10

Predictions for 3/6

Prestige Worldwide V Malnourished Men

I just do not see Prestige getting beat, they have too much firepower on offense and too much quickness on defense. Men will need a perfect offensive and defensive game plan to stay in this one. If Prestige comes to play and keeps with the top end of the rotation, they win by double digits. I’ve got Prestige winning this one in blowout fashion, 15+ points.

Jelly Universe V Fighting Keeblers

If Jelly U has all their players AND decide to play hard on the defensive end of the floor, they hand Keeblers their first loss. If Jelly U has no shows and the Keeblers hit a few 3’s, it could be close or a Keebler victory. I am taking Jelly U in this one by 8+ points.

Average Joes V Jelly Universe

Joes are winless and looking at the #9 seed for the tournament. The only advantage they have here is Jelly U has back-to-back games. Joe’s, stop settling for the 3 and use a n inside/outside game. Then, and only then, you MAY have a chance(along with hitting at least six 3’s). Jelly U, take care of business, rotate your player in the game, pound the post and drive to the hoop, and you will win. Jelly U by double digits.

Malnourished Men V KoolAidJammers

Jammers, sorry I just can’t pick you until you show me a roster that shows up! Gave you some kudos in the pre-season report, but you have failed me! Even though Men have a doubleheader, they have time to rest in between games. I think they will come out ready to play and take care of KAJ in this one, but it may be close!! Men with the victory by 4 or less!!

Hornets V Fighting Fluffies

Hornets, rumor has it you may be down a few players. Even so, it would be tough to beat the Fluff’s at full speed. Will Fluff’s show up serious, or are they throwing in the towel on the season??? If Fluff’s take it serious, this should be a 20+ point blowout. So, Fluff’s by 25.

Fighting Keeblers V Doc Deans

Keeblers have a tough matchup in the 2nd game of their DH. A little rest in between may help, but Doc’s are a spirited group. Keeblers, you will need to stop KD’s 3’s, hit a few of your own and have multiple players score double figures. Doc Dean’s, you need some additional scoring to help KD and stout defense. I have Doc Deans winning this one by less than 10.

Predictions for 3/7

Malnourished Men V Jelly Universe

Men are coming off a DH yesterday, but they do have a deep roster in terms of numbers. Jelly U also had a DH, with not as deep of roster. This one comes down to ½ court execution on the offensive AND defensive end of the floor. I feel Jelly U has more scoring punch, so if it and offensive shootout, they win. If it is a defensive tussle, I think the Men win in a close one. Flipping the coin, I say offense prevails, Jelly U wins a close one!

Prestige Worldwide V Average Joes

Yikes!!! This could be a really big rout! Joe’s, your best game plan is for the entire Prestige team to go up north skiing for the weekend. But seriously, play hard, pack it in(2-3) and pray Prestige misfires on their 3’s. You will then need to hit at least 10 3’s of your own. Sorry, Prestige in this one by 30+, everyone scores and get lots of playing time!!

Doc Deans V Average Joes

Oh Joes, good luck trying to pick up your first win against Doc D’s, especially in a back-to back. Same game plan as above for the Joe’s!! Doc Deans, hit some 3’s, share the ball and run the floor and you will have a 20+ point victory.

Fighting Keeblers V Fighting Fluffies

This game will be a fight, LOL!!!! Fluff’s have the firepower to win this one, but I continue to question how serious they want to play. Keeblers will play hard and score in spurts. I think the Fluff’s start to gear up for tourney time, and this IS your last shot for the Fluffy legacy. Fluff’s take this one by 6.

Hornets V KoolAidJammers

KAJ, you should be able to push closer to a .500 record if you take care of business in this one. Hornets, your team has balanced scoring, but you will need MORE scoring in this one to earn a victory. I think the Jammers are in desperation time in terms of seeding for the tournament. Jammers take care of business in this one by 10+ points.


Stully’s Prediction %

Last Week 5-1 .833 Overall 10-2 .833


  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Malnourished Men
  3. Doc Deans
  4. Fighting Fluffies
  5. Jelly Universe
  6. Fighting Keeblers
  7. KoolAidJammers
  8. Hornets
  9. Average Joe’s


Nate Hermanson-1

Bob Butler-1

Recap 3/6

Prestige Worldwide-68 V Malnourished Men-45

Prestige had little trouble with the Men as they blistered the net from 3-point range to put the game away in the first half. The 20 three’s made were just 2 off the Rec BB record of 22, recorded in the winter of 2017. Luke Darmos(17), Carter Hoffman(15) and Nathan Luther(12) recorded double digits for Prestige. Men were led by Zach Socha and Zack Mitzel with 11 and 10 points, respectively.

Jelly Universe-49 V Fighting Keeblers-40

Jelly U rode the early hot hand of Cal Thomson and held off the pesky Keeblers to earn the victory. Jack Allen(15), Cal Thompson(13) and Luke Rykard(11) led the Jelly U offense. Aidan Moorman was the lone Keebler in double figures with 20 points.

Average Joes-41 V Jelly Universe-39

The Joe’s did exactly as predicted to win as they hit for nine 3’s in the game to hand Jelly U the loss and get their first win of the season. Jelly U cooled off with their shooting and only had 3 players score. Joe’s were led on offense by Jacob Cotsonika with 15 points, while Brendan Morrison chipped in with 11 points. Luke Rykard scored 22 and Augie Hutchison 13 to pace the Jelly U offense.

Malnourished Men-35 V KoolAidJammers-29

Men held off KAJ in this low scoring contest. I am not sure if it was bad offense or good defense in this game, maybe more like the “calm before the storm” looking at the next games score. Zach Socha paced the Men offense with 16 points while Eric Wood was the only Jammer in double digits with 11.

Fighting Fluffies-105 V Hornets-90

If you like offense and no defense(like the NBA All-Star game), then this was the game to watch. Fluffies put 4 players in double figures as Ben Sundquist had 29, Bob Butler 25, Josh Behen 19, and John Barnett had 15. Hornets had 4 players reach career highs with Matt Boehm scoring 22, Noah Bonner 19, Connor Mitzel 18 and Miller Grambeau had 12.

Fighting Keeblers-59 V Doc Deans-44

Keeblers continued to play good basketball on this Saturday as they defeated the cold shooting Doc Deans. Aidan “Money” Moorman stayed hot leading the Keebler offense with 17 points, while Kendall Cherry chipped in with 13 points. Doc Deans were led on offense by Nate Hermanson with 12 points, while Kieran Dean and Luke Maters scored 10 each.

Recap 3/7

Jelly Universe-35 Malnourished Men-33

Sunday stated with a bang as Jelly U and Men went to OT in a highly contested contest. In this low scoring game, Jelly U used balanced scoring as 5 players scored between 5-9 points with no one hitting double figures. Men also had 5 players score as Zach Socha led the way with 18 points.

Prestige Worldwide-76 V Average Joe’s-63

It was the tale of 2 halves as Prestige used pressure defense to get a big lead in the first half and let the reserves finish off the victory in the second half. Joe’s continued to battle in the second half to tighten up the score, but the game was never in doubt. Prestige was led by Nathan Luther with 18, Nate Holmberg with 17 and Nick Walper with 16. Joe’s got a big game from hot shooting Hayden Clarke with a game high 22 points, while Liam Belote added 12 in the loss.

Doc Deans-83 V Average Joes-58

Doc Deans may have found something here as they only had 5 players and all 5 scored double figures. Buggy Downey led the way with 27 points, while Kieran Dean had 18, Nate Hermanson 16, Luke Masters 12 and Charlie Schroeter added 10. Joe’s were led by Jacob Cotsonika’s 23 points, including seven 3’s, and Hayden Clarke chipped in with 10.

Fighting Fluffies-57 V Fighting Keeblers-49

This fight was won by the Fluffies as they used an up tempo/inside game to take care of the Keeblers. Ben Sundquist paced the offense with 25 points while Aidan Arbaugh added 14 for the winners. Kendall Cherry scored 20 and Aidan Moorman had 13 to lead the Keebler offense.

KoolAidJammers-61 V Hornets-30

KAJ had little trouble with the young Hornets as they used their size and quickness in the victory. Josh Baars(17) and John Frick(12) provided the inside scoring while Caden Winston(15) had a hot shooting hand including a 3. Noah Bonner and Josh Folk led the Hornets with 9 points each.

Standings: Record Point Differential

  1. Prestige Worldwide 5-0 +86
  2. Fighting Keeblers 3-2 +27
  3. Fighting Fluffies 3-2 +9
  4. Jelly Universe 3-2 +4
  5. Malnourished Men 3-2 -7
  6. Doc Deans 2-3 +49
  7. KoolAidJammers 2-3 -1
  8. Hornets 1-4 -97
  9. Average Joe’s 1-5 -69

Top Scorers(3/6 & 3/7):

  1. Ben Sundquist-29
  2. Julian Downey-27
  3. Bob Butler-25
  4. Ben Sundquist-25
  5. Jacob Cotsonika-23
  6. Luke Rykard-22
  7. Matt Boehm-22
  8. Hayden Clarke-22
  9. Aidan Moorman-20
  10. Kendall Cherry-20
  11. Josh Behen-19
  12. Noah Bonner-19
  13. Connor Mitzel-18
  14. Zach Socha-18
  15. Nathan Luther-18
  16. Kieran Dean-18
  17. Luke Darmos-17
  18. Aidan Moorman-17
  19. Nathan Holmberg-17
  20. Josh Baars-17
  21. Zach Socha-16
  22. Nick Walper-16
  23. Nate Hermanson-16
  24. Carter Hoffman-15
  25. Jacob Cotsonika-15
  26. Jack Allen-15
  27. John Barnett-15
  28. Ryan Ficher-15
  29. Caden Winston-15
  30. Aidan Arbaugh-14
  31. Cal Thompson-13
  32. Kendall Cherry-13
  33. Augie Hutchison-13
  34. Aidan Moorman-13
  35. Nathan Luther-12
  36. Nate Hermanson-12
  37. Miller Grambeau-12
  38. Nate Hermanson-12
  39. Luke Masters-12
  40. John Frick-12
  41. Brendan Morrison-11
  42. Zack Mitzel-11
  43. Luke Rykard-11
  44. Eric Wood-11
  45. Zach Socha-10
  46. Luke Masters-10
  47. Kieran Dean-10
  48. Luke Masters-10
  49. Charlie Schroeter-10
  50. Hayden Clarke-10

Predictions for 3/14

Hornets V Jelly Universe

Jelly U has GOTTA start gearing up for tourney weekend, need to find balanced offensive scoring inside/outside and a stifling defense to contend. Hornets are building on a first season, but these guys could be very tough in 2-3 years if they stick together and work at it. Unfortunately, this week they will continue to take their lumps as Jelly U turns it on in a rout by 20+ points.

Doc Deans V Jelly Universe

Back-to-back for Jelly U gets a little more difficult in this matchup. You will need to take away the 3 from KD, watch for Buggy to leak out and handle the leftie in the post. Doc’s, take away the athleticism inside of Jelly U by forcing them to settle for contested 3’s. I think Jelly U wins a close one in the final seconds. OT=nope!!

Prestige Worldwide V Doc Deans

Doc Deans, this will be a tough back-to-back. Prestige is the top team in the league, has inside/outside options and can play defense like no other. Doc D’s, hit a boatload of 3’s, rebound on both ends, stop the transition points, play tough in the post, contest three’s, nevermind… Try not to lose by double digits. Prestige, time to gear up for next weekend as the #1 seed. Prestige by a bunch!

KoolAidJammers V Fighting Fluffies

Fluff’s, you need these wins for seeding. 1st game first. KAJ showed me a little last week, they can play, but are still the underdog. KAJ, to win you will need to stop A2 and Sunny D. That combo can be lethal, but even if you do, they have others that can score. KAJ, pound the post, kick the 3 and others slash to the basket. If you do all of these, you may have a chance. Fluff’s, take care of business and play serious. Fluff’s by 10+.

Fighting Fluffies V Average Joes

Fluff’s got a good draw with this back-to-back, BUT, take the Joe’s for granted, let them stay in the game and hit some 3’s, and you may be on the wrong side of this one. Hopefully, the Sun shines and Fluff’s are serious. Joe’s, your recipe for success is to hit 3’s, play post defense and do not let Fluff’s drive. If you do all of that, is there a chance?? Probably not, Fluff’s win by 10 in this one.

Fighting Keeblers V Malnourished Men

Best game of the day because of the tourney implications and seeding. Men have struggled to find an offensive punch. They score, just not a lot, so they must depend on their “D”. Keeblers found some offense last weekend with “Money Mo” and Cherry. Men, remember when I spoke to your “signature play” last year, stick to it(NO shot clock-be patient), play stellar “D” and you will win. Keeb’s, your big 2 will need to score, BUT, more importantly, your complimentary players will need to step up to win. Men by 4 in a close one!!!


Stully’s Prediction %

Last Week 9-2 .818 Overall 19-4 .826


  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Fighting Fluffies
  3. Fighting Keeblers
  4. Malnourished Men
  5. Jelly Universe
  6. KoolAidJammers
  7. Doc Deans
  8. Hornets
  9. Average Joe’s



Nate Hermanson-1

Bob Butler-1

Connor Getty-1

Jack Terris-1

Brayden Stavros-1

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