Board Notebook: Saline Baseball 5th in GPA, Varsity Blues Concert, Budget Curveball, Disability Pride Month


Here's a summary of what was said during the administration/board updates portion of Tuesday's Board of Education meeting:

Baseball Team Receives High Grades

Not only did the Saline varsity baseball team win the SEC Red this spring, they were one of the top academic teams in the state.

Coach Al Zeiher reported to Superintendent Steeve Laatsch that the baseball team finished in the top five in GPA out of all the  Division one schools in the state.  This is the second straight year the baseball team finished in the top five in GPA.

AP Scores Soaring

Laatsch reported that AP scores had a pass rate of over 93 percent. Laatsch said that's the highest pass rate at the school in five years.

"And it will likely be the highest (pass rate) in Michigan," Laatsch said.

Varsity Blues Concerts

Trustee Susan Estep noted the upcoming Varsity Blues concerns taking place at 7 p.m., July 18-20. The team is Back to the Eighties.

Disability Pride Month

Estep noted that July is Disability Pride Month.

Budget Update

Trustee Brad Gerbe, head of the board's finance committee, said the state has thrown school districts a curve ball with its $23.4 billion school budget.

The district had budgeted to receive a $217 per pupil increase in state funding. But the state didn't increase per-pupil funding for the first time in years. Instead, the state plans to spend an extra $589 million to offset the district's payment into the retirement system. That could save the district about $400 for every student. That should be a net gain for Saline Area Schools - even though the district is expecting another enrollment decline.

Gerbe said that the switch from per-pupil funding increases to reduced retirement funding is something the district will have to watch.

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