Police Seeking 3 Charges Against Man Accused of Smashing Out Car Window on Michigan Avenue


A Manchester man is accused of smashing out a woman's car window in a domestic dispute that spilled on to Michigan Avenue June 27.

A grandmother was taking her son home to Saline from his father's residence in Manchester after a dispute. The father followed in a black Dodge Charger driven by an unknown subject. The driver was allegedly reckless in pursuit of the vehicle. The grandmother told police the father was making shooting gestures at her vehicle and tailgating her along US-12.

In Saline, the Charger moved in front of the grandmother's blue SUV.  At around 5:40 p.m., the Charger stopped and blocked traffic. Near Mickey's Dairy Twist, the father got out of the vehicle and used a metal pipe-like object to smash out the rear window. She swerved past the stopped vehicle at this point.

The son was in the back of the vehicle. As a result of the impact, glass was all over the back of the vehicle and some landed in his son's hair.

A witness driving on Michigan Avenue corroborated the allegations. Police have contacted Fed Ex hoping to obtain video from one of their trucks which may have footage of part of the incident.

Saline Police trespassed the man from the son's Saline home and are seeking warrants for assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and child endangerment.

Man Accused of Hitting Contractor With Tesla

A contractor said that a man who refused to pay him for an asphalt job on Woodland Drive struck him with his 2020 Tesla X.

On June 22, police were called to the 900 block of Woodland Drive East by two different callers. One complained he was struck by the Tesla driven by the owner of the property. The other complained that the person wouldn't leave his property.

A man told police that he had an extra load of asphalt and dumped it at the property for an agreed-upon price of $18,000. But the property owner said he only agreed to pay $350.

According to the alleged victim, the property owner got into his car and started backing up, ignoring his warnings that he was behind the car, and then struck him.

The alleged victim did not complain of any injuries to police, nor did police see any injuries.

The property owner alleged the man pretended to get struck by the vehicle in order to get money. He said that his Tesla would automatically brake before striking anything.

The alleged victim said he wanted to press charges. Police completed a warrant request for felonious assault with a motor vehicle.

 Man Claims Someone Punched Car Window

A Saline man called police after someone punched and cracked his vehicle window on Industrial Drive July 4.

Around 1:19 p.m., the man was driving eastbound on Michigan Avenue near the car wash when he saw a vehicle behind him passing vehicles from the right lane. The man moved into the right lane and applied the brakes several times to slow the driver down. The man told police the vehicle nearly struck the rear of his vehicle. The Saline man turned on to South Industrial and was followed. He stopped and the vehicle following stopped. The driver of the other vehicle exited his vehicle, approached the Saline man and yelled at him before punching his driver's side window, causing it to crack. The Saline man drove away.

The man called police and they met at Henne Field. At this point, the Saline man became uncooperative with police and critical of the police response time, even though they arrived within four minutes of the man's call.

Pot Confiscated, Teens Told to Walk Home

A Saline Police officer drove up on four people in a vehicle apparently smoking marijuana around 12:30 a.m., June 15 near Hawthorne Way and Wildwood Trail. The officer saw the vehicle parked on the side of the road near a wooded area. A wall of smoke poured from the driver's side window.

All of the occupants of the vehicle were under 21 years old. The subjects in the front seats admitted to smoking. Police confiscated the marijuana and told the driver to lock the car and walk home. The officer also warned them it was illegal to smoke marijuana in a motor vehicle.

They walked to a nearby home.


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