SALINE POLICE REPORTS: Police Make Drunk Driving Arrest, Investigate Domestic Dispute


Saline Police arrested a man suspected of drunk driving shortly before 11 p.m., July 23. An officer was westbound on Michigan Avenue when he spotted an eastbound vehicle speeding. Radar clocked the vehicle at 79 miles per hour. The officer u-turned and then watched the vehicle nearly hit the curb as it made a wide turn on to Austin Road. The officer stopped the vehicle and, suspecting the driver was drunk, performed field sobriety tests and had him take a breath test. The man, who said he was driving friends home from Ann Arbor, was arrested and taken to the Saline Area Fire Department for a blood test. Other officers stayed behind to watch the passengers until they were picked up by a parent who took them home. A 2008 Saturn Aura was towed by No Bull Towing. The man was released after when sober.

Domestic Assault Complaint

At 11:15 p.m., July 24, a man attending a wedding on West Michigan Avenue called police to complain he'd been assaulted. Police arrived to find a shirtless man with scratches on his chest and a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the male. The man told police he walked out of the wedding reception. A few minutes later, his girlfriend came out and began swinging at him, he told police, and pulling at his shirt. He said she ripped the shirt off him and threw it at him before he could run away. He told police she continued to chase him until he called police.

The woman, who also smelled of intoxicants, told police a different story. He said she was dancing with friends when her boyfriend left the building. She found him in the parking lot, where he paced and yelled at her for dancing like a "skank." She said she was trying to calm him down when he ripped his shirt off and threw it like "he was about to start a fight." At one point, she said, he pushed her and caused her to fall. Again, as she approached him, he pushed her down again. This time, as she fell, she pulled his necklace off, she told police. She left him and rejoined the wedding reception.

Officers transported the man, concerned about how he'd go home with no shirt on, back to the Saline Police Department to wait for a ride. Saline Police contacted Safehouse to report the incident.

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