Tree Limb Crashes Through Moving Vehicle's Windshield on Judd Road, State of Emergency in Milan


This limb crashed through the windshield of a vehicle traveling on Judd Road. The woman driving the vehicle was not hurt. (courtesy of SAFD Lt. Dan Speicher)

A severe thunderstorm blew down trees and branches all over the Saline area Wednesday afternoon. One woman driving was driving on Judd Road, between Moon and Saline-Milan roads, when a large tree branch crashed through her windshield. Somehow, she escaped injury.

"Not a scratch. Just a lap full of glass," said Saline Area Fire Department Lt. Dan Speicher. "I think she should go play the lottery. She was really lucky."

Most of the Saline Area Fire Department's calls were in a corridor near Judd Road and Saline-Milan Road.

"There are lots of trees down here," Speicher said.

The fire department also responded to calls in the city on East Henry and South Harris streets.

Traffic signals were out throughout town. But Saline escaped relatively unscathed in terms of power outages.

In Milan, they weren't as lucky. The City of Milan has declared a State of Emergency after the storm left trees down and roads blocked throughout the city.


Police and DPW workers from Saline are in Milan helping clean the mess. Saline Deputy Police Chief Marlene Radzik said that it doesn't appear any lives were lost as a result of the damage.

"But there are roads blocked, signals down. A roof was blown off apartment buildings," Radzik said.  "The worst of the storm seemed to pass by us, but it hit Milan pretty hard."

A look at the damage in Milan (image courtesy of Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart)

The storm that struck Michigan had winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service warns that additional thunderstorms with damaging winds may be possible late tonight.

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