BAND PREVIEW: 167-Strong, The Saline Marching Band's Theme This Year is 'Dance Show'


In a lot of ways, it felt like starting new.

Even for veteran teacher and Marching Band director Nate Lampman.

The Saline High School Marching band didn’t have a band camp in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. And in 2019, band camp was cut short due to a water main break at Spring Arbor University.

So when the band returned to Spring Arbor earlier this summer for band camp, only about a quarter of the band - the rising seniors - had ever started and completed camp.

“Three-quarters of the band had never had the full experience for our camp this summer. The band has a lot of wonderful traditions and experiences that occur at camp, and it was fun reintroducing those to the students,” Lampman said. “In a lot of ways it reminded me of our first band camp in the summer of 2000 because the whole experience was new for most of the band students.”

The Saline Marching Band this year features 167 members. Lampman said there was a lot of excitement around camp with the chance to have a normal year. In this case, normal includes returning to their familiar place in the north end zone in more crowded stadiums.

“There is a lot of excitement and anticipation on the part of both band students and staff for this season. We are really looking forward to being in our traditional spot down on the field in the north endzone,” Lampman said.

Saline marching band drum majors Kira Shaffer and Cora Hart are pictured.

The band is led by drum majors Cora Hart, who debuted as a drum major last year, and Kira Shaffer. They were chosen after a rigorous audition process in June.

“Cora and Kira did an outstanding job at camp. Not only did they do an excellent job leading the band musically in rehearsals on the field, they also had a huge role in creating the positive culture and work ethic that has always been an attribute of the Saline Marching Band,” Lampman said.

The section leaders are Jacob Cotsonika (Trombone), Travis Crigger (Drumline), Lily Cutler (Piccolo), Micah Davis (Sousaphone), Drew Eccleston (Tenor Saxophone), Alexis Figueras (Majorettes), Stefanie Harris (Trumpet), Andrew Steele (Trumpet), Mackenzie Hertler (Clarinet), Lauryn Pickett (Clarinet), Christian Manohar (Alto Saxophone), Sarah Marquardt (Colorguard), Tess Sanderson (Mellophone) and Jordan Wright (Baritone). The section leaders were chosen by a vote within their instrument section.

The senior member of the band are pictured.

This year’s halftime show is “Dance Show.” Songs include Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, Dancing Queen by Abba, Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte, Attitude Dance by Tower of Power and Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone.

Here’s the rest of the Saline Marching Band Roster.

  • Tommy Allmand
  • Kelsey Altevogt
  • Natty Anderson
  • Avery Atkins
  • Bradley Austin
  • Carter Bankowski
  • Owen Belote
  • Owen Benes
  • Kate Black
  • Skye Bleed
  • Neah Bloch
  • Eddie Bregger
  • Colin Brown
  • Charlie Burchill
  • Emma Burns
  • Trinity Calleja
  • Tory Cantrell
  • Zhanna Carlson
  • Yuri Carnino
  • Luke Caswell
  • William Cauley
  • Luke Chai
  • Lindsey Clarke
  • Julianna Combs
  • Dori Cook
  • Jacob Cotsonika
  • Ella Courtney
  • Daniel Covey
  • Fiona Crawford
  • Travis Crigger
  • Lance Cronin
  • Harold Crowner
  • Lily Cutler
  • Madeline Cutler
  • Micah Davis
  • Chloe Dillen
  • Rowan Dillen
  • Lauren Durant
  • Emma Easley
  • Drew Eccleston
  • Collin Eckermann
  • Luke Fair
  • Kathryn Feller
  • Alexis Figueras
  • Tricia Filbrun
  • Alex Fischer
  • Owen Fischer
  • David Franklin
  • Eric Friedholm
  • Carmella Gatto
  • Mark Girvan
  • Evelyn Goerlitz
  • Eli Gray
  • Joshua Gregory
  • Luke Haase
  • Allison Hafer
  • Evan Han
  • Ella Harmon
  • Stefanie Harris
  • Cora Hart
  • Lucy Hart
  • Amalia Hayden
  • Anna Healy
  • Andrew Height
  • Mackenzie Hertler
  • Maddie Holderbaum
  • Lauren Holloway
  • Katie Holmes
  • Phoebe Huddleston
  • Erin Huetteman
  • Jenna Huetteman
  • Ben Isaacson
  • Ray Jenkins
  • Amelia Jobe
  • Samar Kannenje
  • Sara Khan
  • Bryan Kim
  • Logan Kipley
  • Jacki Kolano
  • Nicki Kolano
  • Ronald Kreucher
  • Ryan Landini
  • Elly Lecursi
  • Marianna Lemley
  • Daniel Lemmerhirt
  • Iliana Lichtenstein
  • Zach Lindemann
  • Mallory Lizotte
  • Alissa Logsdon
  • Evan MacNaughton
  • Ian MacNaughton
  • Kendall MacNaughton
  • Kadyn Maida
  • Meredith Makowski
  • Christian Manohar
  • Sarah Marcinkiewicz
  • Octavia Marciszewski
  • Emily Marquardt
  • Sarah Marquardt
  • Jeslyn Martindale
  • Sophia Mattson
  • James McCalla
  • Jameson McFaddin
  • Greta McIntire
  • Jacob McNaughton
  • Saman Meshinchi
  • Tessa Meyers
  • Kevin Miller
  • Bela Morales
  • Anna Mueller
  • Leah Mueller
  • Adyson Naebeck
  • Philip Narumi
  • John Omega
  • Grace Orwig
  • Caroline Pangilinan
  • Sophia Parisek
  • Lauryn Pickett
  • Aaqilah Rashiid
  • Shelby Reed
  • Quinton Riggs
  • Abby Roth
  • Grace Roth
  • Trevor Rothfuss
  • Hayden Rouse
  • Rebecca Rummel
  • Samuel Sakel
  • Tess Sanderson
  • Hayden Schad
  • Ava Schneider
  • Carrie Schwartz
  • Kira Shaffer
  • Anna Shingle
  • Daniel Sirbu
  • Brehima Sissoko
  • Kosta Smyrnis
  • Megan Socha
  • Wyatt Sowa
  • Riley Spencer
  • Cameron Spitael
  • Devor Stacey
  • Colin Stack
  • Marcus Stanish
  • Andrew Steele
  • Cael Sutherland
  • Gavin Sykes
  • Adam Telgen
  • Kylee Tennant
  • Kyra Tokarski
  • CJ Maegan Tuldanes
  • Ava Turner
  • Nicolás Ventura
  • Adeline Verkerk
  • Kadence Waldrop
  • Amber Walker
  • Owen Walker
  • Gabe Walters
  • Everett Warila
  • Victoria Weeden
  • Izzy Whalen
  • Will Winslow
  • Kathryn Winters
  • Joey Wlodyka
  • Jordan Wright
  • Ben Yoders
  • Ray Yoders
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