More Brown Water Complaints Made in the City of Saline


Officials say they're seeing fewer reports of brown and rusty drinking water since a hydrant flushing program was recently completed. But residents continue to report problems.

On Nov. 13, west-side resident Glena Lilley reported getting brown tap water in the Saline Posts Facebook group. She reported that she and her neighbor both had brown water.

In the past, Mayor Brian Marl has called the west side Torwood neighborhood "Ground Zero" for the discolored water problem.

But after Lilley asked her question, residents from other areas of the city reported issues.

Residents on Wildwood Trail, on the north side of town, and Eastlook Drive, on the south side of town, also reported brown water. Matt Puzder, a Lewis Street resident in the city core,  reported his water was the "worst it's ever been."

City officials maintain that the water tests well as it's leaving the plant. They believe the brown water is caused by iron build-up in the aging distribution system. Officials maintain that it's safe.

They also say brown water can be caused by water heaters, aerators and faucets, pipes in the home and the water softener system.

The city advises residents to run cold water in the lower level of a home until it becomes clear. 

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