Stully's Community Ed Rec League Basketball Predictions


Prestige Worldwide were the Saline Rec basketball Champs in 2021.

Welcome to Stully’s Community Education Basketball Recap, provided by Scott Stull.

2022 Pre Season Rankings:

  1.  Doc Deans
  2. DatWay Academy
  3. Saline Wild Wings
  4. Soccer Moms
  5. The Strawhats
  6. Prestige Worldwide
  7. Big Baller Company
  8. Ball Handlers
  9. Unsigned Free Agents
  10. Fresh Meat

Stully's Remarks

Anyone in the top 3 could win the league title, with the experienced Senior teams holding a slight edge, at this point. Deans have some shooters, post play and ball handlers, they just need to have consistent/balanced scoring week in and week out. DatWay has size and experience in the post, athletes on the roster, but two concerns are depth and a “go to” point guard. Saline Wild Wings could be a championship sleeper with multiple ball handlers, athletes, and experienced basketball players. The issue is defensive post play and consistent outside shooting. The next 4 teams grouped together could provide some competition to the top tier, but they will need a high level of play to contend for a title. The Senior teams get the higher ranking nod due to experience. Soccer Moms have some potential scorers and understand the game, but lack an inside presence and will need to rely on consistent outside shooting and getting to the rim. The Strawhats are a tough group to figure out as they lack ball handling, consistent shooters and an inside game. They seem to be a group out to have some fun with nothing to lose, and mind you, those teams can be very dangerous!! Prestige Worldwide will carry on a successful team name, but competing at a high level will be a challenge. They will need balanced scoring, outstanding defense and be able to knock down a bunch of three’s to win. Big Baller Co must be able to get out in transition and drive/draw/dish to score. I also worry about their post defense and a “go to” scorer. The bottom three teams in the pre-season poll may take their lumps this season, but as we all know, 2-3 years later things can change. Ball Handlers will need to do just that, handle the ball and knock down a bunch of shots to compete. Lack of defensive post play and inconsistent shooters could make for a long season! Unsigned Free Agents will need to get out in transition and run to have a chance! Depth is also an issue, although they picked up some new players. Fresh Meat will need to have the perspective of, go out and have some fun, as their season may be a long one. Nothing personal or disrespectful toward any team, just an old guy’s perspective!

Good luck to all teams!!


Predictions for 1/15

Doc Deans V Big Baller Company

Rumor has it Doc Deans will be a little short-handed. Even short-handed, they should not have too much trouble with Big Baller Co. Doc D has an inside/outside game and players that can get to the rim, so they should have little trouble scoring in this game. Big Baller Co will need to run the floor and drive, draw the defense to collapse, dish and finish, to win. I see Doc Deans in this win, by how much will depend on how short-handed they are, my guess by 15+.

Saline Wild Wings V Fresh Meat

Saline Wild Wings will feast on Fresh Meat in the league opener for both of these new teams. My prediction is a potential running clock w/out running up the score. Saline Wild Wings will be given a chance to settle in to the Rec BB format, figure out their scorers/how they will score and work out a rotation for the upcoming weeks. Fresh Meat will look for moral victories in this one: scoring, defense and avoiding big losses. Wild Wings by 25+.

Prestige Worldwide V The Strawhats

May be a pre-season ranking upset here, as Prestige should come away with a victory in this match up, but it may not be as easy as it appears. Prestige will need to get buckets in transition and hit some key three’s by multiple players to get the “W”. Strawhats will need to use their experience, find some balanced scoring and play tough “D” to get the win. I see this game coming down to the wire, and Prestige gets the win in the last :30.

Datway Academy V Unsigned Free Agents

At the end of this DatWay victory, the Unsigned Free Agents may need to go to the waiver wire to get reinforcements. This game will be a great opportunity for DWA to figure out who can/will handle the ball. If they can get the ball into the post, UFA will be in for a long afternoon. DatWay will get the chance to work on their inside/outside game for the upcoming games. The Free Agents will need to figure out their team, rotation and where their scoring will come from this season. DatWay wins big, 15+.

Soccer Moms V Ball Handlers

This pre-season #4 v #8 matchup has the makings of a down to the wire game. Soccer Moms will need balanced scoring to come away with a victory in the last game of the day. Last season, they took too many three’s, so they will need to find other ways to score this year to stay in the top 4. Conversely, the Ball Handlers may need to rely on the three as their post play is limited and they will struggle getting to the rim. If they hit some three’s. it will be a game. If they do not, it could be ugly. I have Soccer Moms winning this one by about 10 points.


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