GALLERY: Young Musicians Provide the Salty Sounds of Summer


Alex Johnson (left) and Grayson Alderink (right) perform during the Salty Sounds of Summer concert in Saline June 16

The Salty Sounds of Summer strummed were strummed through downtown Saline for the first time in 2022 last week.

The show was held in the middle of North Ann Arbor Street - about 150 yards from where it was when it was on the south side of the street. 

The music was performed by artists from the Ann Arbor-Saline Music Center, located just around the corner on Bennett Street. 

The opening act featured singer-songwriter Grayson Alderink, a rising senior at Saline High School. Alderink played acoustic guitar and sang songs made popular over the last 40 years alongside Alex Johnson, who played a tall hand drum. Johnson is co-owner of the Ann Arbor-Saline Music Center.

Alderink was followed by a band of student musicians who played hard-charging rock 'n roll. Saline High School student Leo Hoffman played drums.

Friendly staff members from Enchanted Oven and McPherson Local served sweet confections to the audience who gathered for the show. Camilo Ojeda shredded on electric guitar. Ambrose Kelley played guitar and also had a shining moment singing Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Selene Freudenberg played bass. Johnson joined the band on vocals for several songs.

It was a great experience for the budding musicians.

"I think it was really fun and it's like the first time I've ever done anything like this," Hoffman said. "I've only been playing drums for two years, so I was kind of nervous. But it was a lot of fun. I liked it."

Unofficially, the band goes by the name "Wednesdays,' since that's the night they rehearse.

This week's show features classic rock covers from Vinyl Underground. The show begins at 7 p.m., Thursday.

The Salty Sounds of Summer concert is presented by Saline Main Street and the Ann Arbor-Saline Music Center.

Below are pictures from last week's show. For the full gallery, click here.

Staff from McPherson Local advertise the North Ann Arbor Street store's goods.
Holli Andrews, Director of Saline Main Street. says hi to the camera as Karen King, of A2-Saline Music talks to Jill Durnen of Saline Main Street.
The smiling staff from Enchanted Oven served cupcakes and other treats.
Jenn McPherson inspects her soda display in front of McPherson Local.
Jill Durnen, President of Saline Main Street, opens the concert.
Alex Johnson, of Ann Arbor-Music Center, smiles as he jokes with the audience.
Singer and songwriter Grayson Alderink performs on North Ann Arbor Street.
Singer and songwriter Grayson Alderink performs on North Ann Arbor Street. Alderink is a rising senior at Saline High
Alderink was joined by Johnson, who played drums during Alderink's set.
A young boy uses chalk to make his mark on North Ann Arbor Street.
Grayson Alderink is spied through the crowd.
The crowd on Ann Arbor Street watch Alderink and Johnson perform.
Main Street volunteer Jerry Cotner talks with a fellow volunteer.
Jeff Dowling was among the volunteers who helped put up and tear down for the event.
Another picture of Alex Johnson and Grayson Alderink
Young rockers looking the part - Ambrose Kelley and Camilo Ojeda.
A couple watch the proceedings with their dogs from the Seats of Our Heritage sculpture/seating.
Jill Durnen employs youthful help to pick the 50/50 winner.
Kids engage in a serious game of Connect 4 in front of McPherson local M
Alex Johnson plays with his student rock band.
Camilo Ojeda drew cheers from the audience for his guitar solos.
Selene Freudenberg, of Ann Arbor, plays the bass.
Ambrose Kelley played guitar
Saline freshman Leo Hoffman pounds the drums.
Camilo Ojeda shows how you finish a guitar solo.
Ambrose Kelley sang and strummed the guitar on Can't Stop.
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