Saline Fri. May 14 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Washtenaw Health Department Issues Order on Student Quarantines

Washtenaw County Health Department is issuing local health orders requiring quarantine for school-age children with exposure to COVID-19. Within classrooms or buses, the distance requiring quarantine is reduced to 3ft. In other settings, including extracurricular activities, hallways, music classrooms, or classrooms where students cannot mask, the 6ft requirement is still in place. Anyone exposed to COVID-19 should continue to monitor themselves for symptoms for a full 14 days after an exposure and seek testing if symptoms appear.

Saline Thu. May 13 2021

PRESS RELEASE: MDHSS Recommends Kids as Young as 12 Are Vaccinated for COVID-19

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is recommending that providers begin vaccinating adolescents 12 to 15 years of age following a vote by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices supporting that recommendation. It is also recommended that the COVID vaccine can now be administered at the same time, or on the same day, as other vaccines in both children and adults.

Saline Tue. May 11 2021

WHITMER: Michigan Meets First Milestone on "Vacc to Normal" Vaccine Effort

Governor Gretchen Whitmer today announced that 55% of Michiganders have received their first dose of the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. The announcement marks the first milestone of the ‘MI Vacc to Normal’ plan, which would enable in-person work to resume across all employment sectors on May 24. Governor Whitmer released a video on social media congratulating Michiganders for achieving this important step and encouraged others to get vaccinated to help us get back to normal.

Saline Sat. May 8 2021

MDHHS launches Michigan "Vacc to Normal" Milestone Tracker

The tracker uses vaccination counts from the CDC COVID Data Tracker to provide information on the number of Michiganders ages 16 and older who have received their first dose. CDC has access to administration data from providers who are not currently reporting to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), including federal entities, such as Veteran’s hospitals and Department of Defense Facilities, and out-of-state providers who administered vaccine to Michigan residents.