Wheels on the Bus Fundraiser Extension!

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The bad news: The pandemic has affected the tourism industry in South Africa, which means there is a glut of unsold buses.

The good news: We have been told that because of this excess inventory, the price of a new bus has been reduced! The price of a brand new bus -- with an accompanying trailer -- is now just under $100,000. 

Care Village has been raising money to purchase a new bus for 108 orphan children in Care Village Middelburg, South Africa. The bus currently in South Africa is very old and in desperate need of repairs. Our Wheels on the Bus Fundraiser has been raising money to purchase a new bus so that the kids can go to school, trips, church, and essentially anywhere outside of The Village. 

We have now raised $41,063 (actually $82,126, due to the matching funds from our anonymous donor). We are extending the Wheels on the Bus campaign one more week, with the fervent hope that we get to that $50,000 mark, so we can purchase the new bus and trailer, and maybe have a little left over for fuel. Let’s utilize what advantages we can from this pandemic! And thank you for assisting, if you are able! Donate at https://cvoutreach.org/donations/bus-fundraiser/

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