Pittsfield Township Public Safety Director Matthew Harshberger Finalist for EMU Job


The Pittsfield Township Board is making plans to potentially start looking for a new Director of Public Safety.

Matthew Harshberger, Director of Public Safety since 2009, is a finalist for the  Executive Director of Public Safety at Eastern Michigan University. During a special meeting of the Pittsfield Township board Wednesday, Harshberger said he was one of five finalists and that he hoped to have an answer by the end of next week.

Harshberger's contract stipulates he must provide the township with 30 days notice, Harshberger told the board.

Supervisor Mandy Grewal brought the issue to the board to see if there was any desire to post the position right away.

Clerk Michelle Anzaldi said the township has been fortunate to have Harshberger as long as it has and said she's always worked well with him.

"We were lucky to have you and they would be lucky to get you," Anzaldi said. "I feel like he's not been hired yet, so it would be kind of hard to post the position. There's only one more week (before the board learns EMU's decision). I would guess that if he got the job, I feel like it would be OK to post the job immediately."

The other board members in attendance agreed.

Grewal said that was the response she needed to move forward.

In a letter to the board, Harshberger said "I am very happy and committed to continue serving the residents, businesses, and visitors of Pittsfield Charter Township and being part of Supervisor Grewal’s leadership team" if he isn't chosen for the EMU job.

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