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Welcome to Stully’s CE BB Recap:

Recap 1/22

Saline Wild Wings-40 V Big Baller Company-27.

Saline Wild Wings were missing, admittedly, their 2 best players and it showed. At full strength, I feel they could vault to #1 in the power rankings, BUT, a weak week one opponent and a scoring issue due to a 14% FG’s this week MAY keep them from moving. BBC played well defensively, they just lack offensive firepower as they missed bunnies and settled for three’s. SSW was led in scoring by Ruel Larance with 12 points, Sully Mills added 9 and Tate Bezeau had 8. BBC was led in scoring by Josh Folk’s 10 points.

Ball Handlers-67 V Fresh Meat-31

Ball Handlers got their first win of the season despite a little foul trouble. The Handlers ran the floor well and hit a couple three’s in the win. Fresh Meat battled and showed improvement in their week two contest. Ball Handlers were led by Ian Furlong’s 32 points, while Matt Sierak and Miller Grambeau chipped in with 10 points each. Fresh Meat got 13 points from Ethan Cotsonika and Owen Fischer fired in 10 points.

DatWay Academy-50 V The Strawhats-23

Datway showed a little life this week as they pick up their defense with some full court pressure and had 5 players score 7 points or more. The issue, those five started the game. Depth issue, someone on the bench needs to step up! The Strawhats struggled defensively, and they really need to find someone to handle the ball. They pass okay to break pressure, but lack a true point guard. DA was led by Gavin Mesman and Bob Butler with 15 and 11 points, respectively. Solomon Rodriguez paced the Strawhats offense with 10 points.

Doc Deans-37 V Prestige Worldwide-22

Doc’s, Doc’s, Doc’s… You had a player say to me before the game, ”just 3 points” with my prediction. Well, it was a three-point game with 8 minutes left. Yes, a bigger point total win due to a PW collapse! A game of runs for both teams, but the Doc’s had the last run for the win. Way too many turnovers, PW, you cannot win that way. Doc’s did enough to win, but not stay on top of the rankings(see below). While nine of eleven players scored for DD’s, I am no longer impressed. Top scorers had 6 points, balanced yes, but????? Prestige had no one score more than 5 points, find some offense.

Soccer Moms-36 V Unsigned Free Agents-12

Soccer Moms scored a predicted victory in this one, but they will need to find more scoring to compete with the top teams in the league(next week). Balance is good, but a “go to” is needed, who is it??? UFA, your leading scorer had four points. You will not win many, if any, games if you cannot score more that 12 points. Defense is okay, offensively find a way to score or just keep “jackin’ up three’s”(a former team name) and hope for the best. Jacob Cotsonika led the Mom’s with 14 points. UFA scored 12 total, need I say more…..

Standings: Record Point Differential

  1. Saline Wild Wings 2-0 +121
  2. Datway Academy 2-0 +64
  3. Soccer Moms 2-0 +45
  4. Doc Deans 2-0 +32
  5. Prestige Worldwide 1-1 +20
  6. Ball Handlers 1-1 +15
  7. Big Baller Company 0-2 -30
  8. Unsigned Free Agents 0-2 -61
  9. The Strawhats 0-2 -62
  10. Fresh Meat 0-2 -144

Top Scorers:

  1. Ian Furlong-32
  2. Gavin Mesman-15
  3. Jacob Cotsonika-14
  4. Ethan Cotsonika-13
  5. Ruel Larance-12
  6. Bob Butler-11
  7. Josh Folk-10
  8. Matt Sierak-10
  9. Miller Grambeau-10
  10. Owen Fischer-10
  11. Solomon Rodriguez-10

Predictions for 1/29

The Strawhats V Unsigned Free Agents

Strawhats, find a way to score and you can secure your first win. Unsigned Free Agents, play defense and score more than 12 points and you may challenge for a win. This may be an interesting game as one team will get their first win and one will still be winless(captain obvious!!). Playoff implications with this game as a win MAY keep you in the playoffs for the last week of the season. I see this as a defensive battle, due to lack of offense. The Hat’s will have enough to get their first win of the year. I really cannot predict a score, but I think the Hats win.

Doc Deans V Soccer Moms

#1 V #4. This could be a good one. Doc’s, self admittedly, did “enough” to win last week. Soccer Mom’s have not truly been challenged this season. So, here we go…… Doc Dean’s, you have many players that can score, do score and you are unselfish. But, you will need to find “go to’ scorers in this game. Pound it inside, work inside-out, never mind, you don’t listen to me. Soccer Mom’s, you need to come to play to make a statement to the top three. Patience, solid “D”, rebound and share(reverse) the ball will be key to an upset. Soccer Moms, post defense(front??) will also be essential. Tough call here, I am predicting a Doc Deans win, by 3 or less(LOL, like last week, EW!)

Big Baller Company V Fresh Meat

BBC should be able to secure their first win of the season, if they decide to come to play. BUT, they will need to find a couple of dudes to score. My suggestion, run the floor, do not settle on ill advised three’s and pressure on “D”. B-Wise, drive and finish/Folk, run the floor. Fresh Meat, you are improving, but you will need to lock down on “D”, rebound and hit some shots to have a chance. Get Fischer to the line, he is money if he does not go over the line too soon. Cotsonika three’s, 4 of them will be key. BBC wins this one by 10+ points.

Saline Wild Wings V Prestige Worldwide

Prestige is playing two tough weeks in a row. Playing the former #1 and the new #1 will be tough. Who knows what players will show up for SWW?? PW, limit TO’s, slow down and play Coach Dylan’s ½ court “D”. Try to keep it close to have a chance at the end. Wings, absent players, injuries, etc… hurt you last week. Another starter out this week, I hear. You will need to amp up the play to stay atop the standings and doing that with coach-players will be difficult(no disrespect Mack/Jackson). Pressure “D”, transition points and ball reversal for open three’s will be key. Gotta go with Wings, BOGO on Tuesday/Thursday @BDUBS, and wins @ Saturday’s at Rec Ball. Wings by 12+, IF, they have a full roster!!!

DatWay Academy V Ball Handlers

Datway, no disrespect, your starting five is solid, BUT, the bench needs to show up this week. Foul trouble or injury and it could be a loss at any time. Ball Handlers got a “W” last week, but I do not think Furlong can duplicate another 32 points this week. Thus, you will need some more balance in your scoring to compete. DatWay, #1 ranking on the line?? Ball Handlers, upset to get to the top four?? I think DatWay comes out with a chip on their shoulder, wins and makes a statement. DA by 15.


Stully’s Prediction %(SPP)

Last Week 5-0 1.000 Overall 10-0 1.000


  1. Saline Wild Wings
  2. DatWay Academy
  3. Doc Deans
  4. Soccer Moms
  5. Prestige Worldwide
  6. Big Baller Company
  7. Ball Handlers
  8. The Strawhats
  9. Unsigned Free Agents
  10. Fresh Meat


Riley Behrman-1

Cade Tousa-1

Caid Fox-1

Solomon Rodriguez-1

Caden Winston-1

Jayden Lilley-1

Bob Butler-1

Luke Masters-1

Ethan Nelson-1

Andrew Nussel-1


*The following are NOT eligible to play this week/not until they turn in their Med Form:

UFA Datway BBC Soccer Moms Doc’s

Strok Sears Fedototszkin Robison Wood

Walper Smith

Caiazza Fiske


Fr. Meat SWW Strawhats Ball Handlers

Noller Notar Burton, J. Iadipaolo

Fischer, O. Larance Rodriguez Issa

Morales Miller, S. Ghormley Bull

Conley Grambeau



**Wear them when in the stands or on the bench. PLEASE cooperate so we do not get SHUT DOWN! Captain’s, a little help!! Better this week, but we need to be diligent so we do not get shut down!!


***Available behind the scorer’s table.


****Trashcans are on the end of the bleachers and in the bleachers by the benches, please use them!!!!!

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