City Council Makes 2014 Citizen Appointments

 01/10/2014 - 13:26

Saline City Council approved citizen appointments to the city's various boards and commissions at Monday's meeting.

Below is a list of the appointments. There are four vacancies on the city's Arts & Culture Committee and one vacancy on the city's Parks Commission. Call City Hall, 429-4907, if you are interested in serving

Arts and Culture: Heidi McClelland, Keith McGuire, Cindy Baxter.

Celtic Festival Committee: Jim Peters, Don Makins, Jeff Ulrich, Andrew Sutherland, Terri Murphy, Amber Sotelo.

Cemetery Board of Appeals: F. Marilyn Crosbie, Steven Kenzie, Robert Lane, James Tuttle.

Environmental Commission: Steven Diebol, Mary Hess, Leslee Niethammer, Bruce Westlake, John Price, Joseph Freeman.

Historic District Commission: Michael Brown, Robert Lane, Cynthia Christensen.

Local Development Finance Authority: Brian Marl, David Guenther, Alicia Ping, Bari Livsey.

Local Officers Compensation Commission: Christopher Loftus.

Parks Commission: Jim Peters, Neil Moorman, Sheila Bourgoin, Mike Johnson.

Planning Commission: Scott Fosdick, Scott Lemm.

River Raisin Watershed Council: Steve Diebol

Saline River Greenway Alliance: Mary Hess, Mary Lirones.

Sauk Trail Business Park Development Committee: Gene Corfman, John Beckett.

Tax Board of Review: F. Marilyn Crosbie, John Philip Smith.

Tax Increment Finance Authority, Economic Development Corporation and Economic Development Trust Fund: Dean Girbach, Karilyn Price, Peter Kozma.

Zoning Board of Appeals: William Fischer, Jeff Lang, Eric Harris.



Tran Longmoore
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