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 09/27/2012 - 08:13

Help make Saline a crow-free zone and you could win prizes from local businesses.

The Saline Scarecrow Contest gives residents, organizations and businesses to show off their creative talents.

Dr. Robert Borer, of Borer Chiropractic, is organizing the contest for a little fall fun.

“We usually build one with our kids each year and think it's a fun family activity. Also we like the idea of creating a great fall atmosphere along Michigan Avenue,” Borer said. “We’re planning on lining the scarecrows up along the front of our office and use the neighboring properties as well, so it will be quite a visual fall treat driving through Saline in the month of October.”

Prizes are being supplied by Busch’s, Benny’s baker, Dairy Queen, the Saline Rec Center, and Coleman’s Corn Maze.

Space is limited, so Borer asks entrants to register on his website.

Scarecrows should delivered to Borer Chiropractic, 210 W. Michigan Ave., between Oct. 1 and 14. The scarecrows must be identified with the name of the person entering the contest.

Any materials can be used for creating the scarecrow, but entrants are reminded they should be made to withstand the elements. The scarecrows must be absent of adult, political or religious themes and in good taste. They must also stand upright.

Voting takes place Oct. 15 -28. Voting can be done online or at Borer Chiropractic. The winners will be announced Oct. 29.

The full contest rules can be found here.

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