Volunteer for the Saline Celtic Festival—and get a free pass!

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 05/12/2019 - 14:57
Saline Celtic Festival volunteers will get a free pass to the Celtic fun.

Volunteer at the Saline Celtic Festival, July 12-13 in Mill Pond Park—and get a free pass!

There are plenty of opportunities to pitch in during the days leading to the SCF and at the Festival itself.

On the Monday of Festival Week, the Facilities Team maps out the tent and activity locations. On Tuesday, tents roll in and the Facilities Team starts moving gear and equipment from storage to Mill Pond Park.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Mill Pond Park starts to transform into Bonnie Scotland: tables and chairs are set out, flags and banners hung, equipment and gear put into place, golf carts and gators delivered, vendors and merchants arrive, and administrative duties are finalized.

You too can be part of the excitement—no sign-up, no long-term commitment, just show up at Mill Pond Park and the Facilities Team will find you a task. 

Give the SCF three hours of your time, and get a free pass, to enjoy all the Celtic fun you can handle, including music from House of Hamill, Thunderwüde, CrossBow, Brother Crowe, The Codgers, Nessa, Paddy’s Cure, The Barley Saints, Black Murray, Saline Fiddlers, and Chelsea House Orchestra.

The festival also includes ancient athletics, clans, Wee Folks Island, jousting, living history and reenactors, Highland dance, pipes & drums, textiles, merchants, sheep herding, Millie the Mill Pond Monster, and much more.

Volunteers are also needed on Sunday, to dismantle tents, roll up banners, pick up trash, and load trailers. Pitch in, and get a bottle of water, coffee, donut and all the warm fuzzies you can handle.

For more information, email [email protected]. For information on the Festival, visit www.salineceltic.org.

The countdown to Celtic fun is underway!

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