Saline Pharmacies Will Deliver Drugs to Patients

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 03/17/2020 - 18:56
Katelyn Williams, of Saline Pharmacy, stirs a compound. Folks at both Saline Pharmacy and Jensen's Community Pharmacy will be compounding their own sanitizer which they can sell to people struggling with a shortage caused by hoarders.

People in need of pharmaceutical care don’t have to leave their home during the coronavirus outbreak-

Saline’s local pharmacies have delivery service. They include Saline Pharmacy, Jensen’s Pharmacy, CVS and Wal-Mart.

The local independent pharmacies offer free delivery.

Saline Pharmacy (75 E. Bennett St, 734-316-2162, offers free delivery within a three-mile radius. Ziad Ghamrawi owns Saline Pharmacy, Little Milan Pharmacy and Ann Arbor Pharmacy. His Saline pharmacy is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and he’s debating opening on Saturdays. When drugs are ready, Saline Pharmacy calls the customer to notify them of their window of delivery. For customers within three miles of the pharmacy, delivery is free. A three-mile radius means Saline Pharmacy delivers as far north as Travis Pointe, as far east as Moon Road, and as far south as Milkey Road. For people not in the delivery area, they’ll ship it “next-day” for $9.

For anyone trying to avoid contact, Saline Pharmacy has a system where the delivery person rings the doorbell at least twice and leaves the package on the doorstep without collecting a signature.

Dr. Steven Jensen owns Jensen’s Community Pharmacy (968 E. Michigan, 734-429-9053, Jensen’s also offers free delivery to the Saline area.

Patients who order before noon can have it delivered that day, otherwise, it might be delivered the next day. 

“I have been trying to get more people on delivery during the outbreak, especially high-risk patients,” Jensen said.

CVS (click here) and Wal-Mart (click here) also have delivery options.

Like any other business still open, pharmacies are cleaning frequently and practicing social distancing. Ghamrawi’s pharmacy is known for the friendly and jovial chit-chat. But in order to keep crowds down, they’re speeding up transactions. They’re also removing signature requirements for credit cards, not using the stylus and encouraging the use of credit/debit card transactions. Saline Pharmacy is also recording instances of cleaning by having employees fill out logs on the hour.

Both Jensen’s and Saline Pharmacy are also helping fill the void left by hoarders who bought all the hand sanitizer. According to Jensen, the FDA has relaxed compounding regulations, allowing him to make their own.

“I have roughly 600 2-ounce containers and should be seeing my first shipment of chemicals on Wednesday to begin compounding. I haven't priced it out yet but I expect it will be a bit more than purell commercially made,” Jensen said.

They’re making their own sanitizer at Saline Pharmacy, too.

“We will be selling it at cost,” Ghamrawi said.

The hand sanitizer should be ready sometime tomorrow.

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