POLICE NEWS: Car Vandalized, Man Arrested for Drunk Driving , Check Stolen

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 03/29/2019 - 15:38

An employee of Faurecia reported someone punctured all four tires on her vehicle and scratched the word “bitch” on the driver’s side doors.

The incident occurred March 23. A 44-year-old woman, who lives in Oak Park, finished her shift around 3 a.m. when she noticed the damage. She’d moved her 2012 Dodge Journey around 8:30 p.m earlier in the shift. and hadn’t noticed any damage.

Security cameras did not catch the act.

The woman told police she had no enemies at the plant and wasn’t aware of anyone with any grudges against her.

Grassy Lot Damaged

The driver of a Mack semi-tractor truck got stuck in the empty lot at 109 E. Bennett Street, across from Hennie Field, and left deep ruts in the grass at the city-owned property around 8 a.m., March 20.

The driver, a 41-year-old Brighton man, told police he thought he was taking a back entrance to a parking lot off Harris Street when he pulled into a gravel lot and started onto the wet, grassy field. When he tried to turn the truck, it sank into the soft dirt. He was towed out by America One Towing. The driver told police he planned to fix the ruts, which were filled March 24.

Drunk Driving Arrest

A 21-year-old Valley Circle Drive man was arrested for drunk driving March 18. Police stopped a Chevy Silverado that was westbound on Michigan Avenue  because its headlights were off. Police noticed beer cans in the vehicle and a pitcher half filled with a golden liquid. After conducting field sobriety tests, police conducted a preliminary breath test – which showed a blood alcohol content of .127. The driver was arrested for operating while impaired.

Check Stolen

A woman on the 700 block of Lambkins called police to report that someone intercepted a check that was to be mailed to her and cashed it at an unknown TCF bank. The check, from the Huron Parents of Multiples, was due to arrive at her home March 9. When she did not receive the check she called the group. She was advised the check was cashed March 8.

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