Health Wise: How We Keep Moving Forward


Here we are, in the typical February mid-winter cold-weather gloom, except things are far from typical in many ways. The pandemic continues and the political climate is still turbulent, to say the least. Even as therapists, with a wide range of mental health experience, we are feeling the impact of these situations right there with you. This has been the most challenging but also the most unifying year for many of us - we are truly all in this together. We, as therapists, are all part of this very human, very real experience.

We are doing our best to maintain a forward-thinking, optimistic mindset and to continue to learn and spread information that can be helpful to other people.

Here are some of the things that we’ve learned that can keep us moving forward and being a support to others, even in the toughest of times:

  • Going one day at a time” - allowing each day to be a fresh start and promising to do our best to get through whatever it brings.
  • Practicing mindfulness regularly - making time to be present, through activities like meditation, yoga, art, music, and athletic ventures.
  • Setting and evaluating goals - regularly setting short and long term goals, adjusting goals, and rewarding progress. This helps to keep our mind on the good things and accomplishments to come. Goals can pertain to anything – e.g. health, career, social life or engaging your creativity.
  • Focusing on what we can control - leaning into hobbies, career, academics, home projects, and positive health changes that we can control.
  • Trying new things - trying new things and exploring new ideas to keep ourselves moving in the forward direction. Crafts, recipes, workouts, career moves, anything that brings fresh energy to our lives.
  • Being there for others - depending on social preferences, find creative ways to stay connected with others as best we can, and showing them our support
  • Being there for ourselves - making time for self-care and rest may feel “lazy” or in opposition to moving forward, but in fact, it’s extremely important to “charge our batteries” regularly. We have to care for ourselves (mind and body) to be the healthiest and strongest versions of ourselves in order to be there for others (family, students, clients, etc). The more we nurture ourselves, the more we can handle.

There is one thing we can always count on - change. Days will always turn to nights and become days again, and the weather will never stay the same too long. So, isn’t it best to lean into the change and find ways to adapt, learn, and move forward? Don’t passively wait for the world to “go back to normal?” Live in the now? We certainly think so.

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