Odors Expected as Wastewater Treatment Plan Work Nears Completion

 05/26/2016 - 15:25

Residents on the south side of Saline are going to experience odor issues as the City of Saline wastewater treatment plant project wraps up over the coming weeks.

City Manager Todd Campbell said a contractor is working on improvements to the rotating bacteria collectors at the plant, located on South Monroe Street. The work is causing the plant to emit more odor.

“Unfortunately, there have been some challenges with new equipment failures causing the work on the (bacteria collectors) to take longer. A significant issue resulting from this delay is an increased odor from the (bacteria collectors),” Campbell said in a statement released Thursday.  “The increased odor is caused by the removal of the quonset huts that cover the (bacteria collectors). The (bacteria collectors) need to be exposed to have the improvements completed.”

Campbell said the equipment improvements should be completed by June 30.

As a result of the delays the completion of the project will be delayed several weeks beyond the agreed upon date of July 15, Campbell said.

Foul odors have been a long-standing problem near the wastewater treatment plant.

Campbell said south side residents can expect better smelling air when the project is complete.

“The good news is that the odor scrubber is working well since it was repaired and put back into service in early spring,” Campbell said. “However, due to the extended amount of time it is taking to make the improvements to the bacteria collectors, there has been an occasional increase in odor coming from the WWTP.”

Tran Longmoore
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