Building Officer's Compensation issue at York Township Board Meeting

 02/14/2016 - 03:45

Tom Toth faces York Township board; from left, Dan Pichla; Clerk Helen Neill; Supervisor John Stanowski; and Treasurer Sally B. Louis.


Supervisor John Stanowski thought he had an agreement with the York Township Building and Zoning officer, Tom Toth, for his annual salary and contract review.

Toth asked for a $1,200 raise. Stanowski agreed, on the condition that Toth accept a $6,000 cap on his yearly retirement contribution from the township.

Stanowski says that after his conversation, he got a letter from Toth objecting to the pension cap, because with his raise, he should receive $6,250 in retirement from the township.

When the contract came before the township board for approval at the regular meeting Feb. 9, Toth rose to his feet and objected. “I looked at my contract. You are giving me a raise but cutting my pension. You cut my pension from $6,250 to $6,000.

“Why is my pension being cut?” Toth demanded.

Toth and Stanowski both made comments about the contract, but were interrupted by other board members.

“No stop. Why are we hearing this discussion and I know nothing about it?” commented Board Member Jill Hargrove.

“We want to see you happy,” remarked Board Member Dan Pichla to Toth. “And we don’t want to have to do this every year.”

Board Member Sally B. Louis spoke out as well. 

“Airing this at a public meeting is distasteful,” she said.

The matter was adjourned to the March meeting, which will be held March 15.

“He is currently getting $6,250 in retirement each year,” commented Louis afterwards. “That is 10 percent of his building department salary. The retirement proposed by John was $250 less per year.”

According to Stanowski, Toth’s total compensation package in 2014 was $79,000 including health benefits and retirement. His package in 2015 was $86,250.

In other business, the board voted to accept its 20.93 percent of the budget for the Saline Area Fire Department.

Martha Churchill
Martha Churchill is an attorney, author, and local historian who resides in Milan. Visit her website at