County Road Commission Outlines Plans in York Township

 04/16/2016 - 00:33

Roy Townsend, Managing Director of the Washtenaw County Roads Commission, speaks to the York Township Board.

A group of officials from the Washtenaw County Road Commission paid a visit to the York Township board meeting April 12 to present their plans for local roads.

Director Roy Townsend went through a list of road improvements in the township that he recommends, pointing out that the township board can make changes so long as the expenses are not increased.

A big-ticket item is pavement on Saline-Milan Road. Townsend pointed out that the WCRC cannot afford to do the entire road all at once, so the stretch closest to Milan was resurfaced in 2015.

This coming year, Townsend says, WCRC will use federal funds to continue resurfacing Saline-Milan Road.

Last year, the section closest to Milan, up to Stony Creek Road, was resurfaced. Townsend commented that in 2016, the plan is to keep going north on Saline-Milan Road and resurface up to Moon Road with mill-and-overlay.

That section will cost $150,000, using federal funds.

By 2018, the plan is to resurface the rest of Saline-Milan Road up to the Saline city limits.

Willis Road is on the list for resurfacing, Townsend said, from Moon Road to Warner Road, at a cost of $300,000, also using federal funds.

Besides talking about road work for the coming year, Townsend shared his views about lack of funding for roads from the state budget.

Townsend summarized the situation for county roads in terms of state funding. “Proposal A was voted down, so the legislature said we need to do something for our roads,” he explained. “But we get no new money in 2016.”

“There is a small increase in 2017, but we still won’t catch up with Ohio,” Townsend pointed out.

Commissioner Bill McFarlane watched the presentation, along with Jim Harmon, Director of Operations for WCRC.

Other road projects planned for 2016 include Maple Road from Saline-Milan Road to Mooreville Road, ditching and limestone, $206,100.

Warner Road from Willis Road to Bemis road is scheduled in 2016 for shaping and limestone, at $66,900.

Judd Road from Warner Road to Moon Road will receive shaping and limestone, for $123,500.

Robert Peterson, a resident living on Crane Road, complained about the dangerous conditions on his road.

“If you turn south onto Crane Road from Willis, you have to come to a stop, because it’s so bad. There is a danger of getting hit.”

The WCRC is already planning some ditch work and limestone on Crane Road from Willis to Wright Road, but Peterson told the group that wasn’t enough.

“They put a couple loads of gravel down, but it doesn’t last. Two weeks later it’s back like how it was,” he said.

Martha Churchill
Martha Churchill is an attorney, author, and local historian who resides in Milan. Visit her website at