Myron Webb Served Saline as a Grocer, Hardware Store Owner, Sheriff and More

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Myron Webb and his wife, Catherine Kanouse Webb,


Myron Webb was born in 1823 in LeRoy, N.Y. He came to Saline in 1835 with his parents, Pascal and Linna Webb, and his younger brother Edwin.

Myron grew up on a farm on the edge of Saline Village, in York Township.

On March 26, 1839 Myron’s father sold three quarters of an acre of his farm to York Township for a cemetery. The piece of land has a steep slope, along Judd Road at the corner of Saline-Milan Road.

Myron married Catherine Kanouse in 1844. The marriage took place in a log cabin. They must have been a good match; they later celebrated their 50th anniversary. 

Webb had two daughters, Emily and Idalene. In 1865, Web’s daughter Emily married Charles Blackmer, the son of Saline businessman David Blackmer.

A few years later, Webb and David Blackmer had a business deal that fell apart. They put a notice in the Saline paper on March 4, 1868. The notice does not say what kind of business it was.

By 1870, Myron Webb was listed on the census as a hardware merchant.

Webb must have been popular in Saline. He was involved in the celebration on July 4 that year, as the Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Railroad arrived in town.

Having the railroad in Saline was a big deal, and raised the economic level of everyone in town as Saline was put on the map.

Sometime in the 1870s, Webb became the Sheriff of Washtenaw County. However, not everyone was happy with his term in office. Webb stayed in Saline, and never set foot in Ann Arbor. He preferred to send a deputy when an officer was needed there.

Enough people were dissatisfied with Webb as sheriff that he was not elected to a second term.

Also in the 1870s, Myron Webb and his family were into retail and manufacturing in Saline.

A directory of 1878 shows the name Webb on a grocery store and meat market in Saline.

About that same time, Webb apparently operated a foundry in Saline.

The Washtenaw Atlas of 1874 lists Myron Webb as a dealer in hardware and agricultural implements, and blankets.

Myron Webb spent the last years of his life with his daughter, Emily Blackmer, and her extended family. Most of the household were in retail employment, as the Blackmers operated several grocery stores in Milan, plus a hotel, an undertaking parlor, and a furniture store.

Webb lived until he was almost 90. He was laid to rest at Marble Park Cemetery in Milan in 1910, near his two daughters and their families.

Thanks to the Saline Area Historical Society, the 1874 Atlas of Washtenaw County, the 1881 History of Washtenaw County, conversations with Bob Lane and Isabelle Schultz, census data, marriage records, obituaries, newspaper clippings, F. H. Pray’s Washtenaw County Directory, and Ancestry.

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