Council OKs Work on Saline River, Stone Cliff and Woodland Drives

 08/21/2013 - 00:42
This bumpy patch of road on Woodland Drive will be milled and repaved this fall.

Saline River Drive will be repaved for the first time since the 1980s.

The milling and resurfacing of the west side street was one of three road projects approved by Saline City Council Monday. The contract for work on Saline River Drive, Stone Cliff Court and Woodland Drive was awarded to Barrett Paving Materials, the low bidder, for $481,481.30.

Work should begin in early September and finish in mid-October.

The city initially budgeted $660,000 for the work. Some of the balance will be used for design services, testing and quality assurance, part-time inspection and contingency expenses. City Superintendent Gary Roubal estimated that city saved about $50,000 by having staff perform preliminary engineering tasks and other services. Roubal estimated that $100,000 in unspent funds can be used in 2014 for the North Ann Arbor Street project or for 2015 projects.

Mayor Brian Marl said the work is important for the city.

“When I was out knocking on doors in the (election) campaign, one of the things we constantly heard from Saline River Drive residents was that they wanted the city to do something about this street,” Marl said. “For many of us, perhaps, the problem was out of sight out of mind.”

Marl said the Woodland Drive project was also important as it is one of the city’s major streets.

Here’s a description of the 2013 construction:

·         Milling and resurfacing of the top four inches of existing pavement.

·         Installation of a geotextile separator on all streets (To help with crack control and keep moisture out).

·         Curb sidewalk and structure (catch basin) repairs.

·         Replacement of traffic signs and pavement markings.

·         Installation of two bike lanes on the Woodland Drive project.

Mayor Marl thanked Roubal for his work on the project. City council approved the contract unamimously.

Tran Longmoore
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