Feldkamp Road Bridge Weight Restriction Lowered to 3 Tons

 10/28/2013 - 13:55

The Washtenaw County Road Commission has added or increased weight restrictions on three township bridges after the most recent round of inspections.

The Feldkamp Road Bridge over the Saline River, which already has the lowest weight restriction in the county at seven tons, will be posted at three tons beginning Oct. 31. The typical passenger car weights about 1.5 tons and the typical passenger truck weights about three tons. Ambulances and delivery trucks often weigh five or six tons.

The Road Commission also announced that the Dennison Road bridge over the the Saline River, between Mooreville and Day roads in York Township, will now have restrictions (42 tons for one vehicle, 55 tons for a two-unit vehicle and 67 tons for a three-unit vehicle). New limits will also be posted where Miller Road crosses Honey Creek in Scio Township, between Wagner and East Delhi roads.

Wasthenaw County Road Commission Director of Engineering Sheryl Siddall said the county inspects bridges every two years to determine the state of the bridge system. Bridges in poor shape are inspected annually.

The Feldkamp Road Bridge, located between Klager Road and U.S. 12 in Saline Township, was originally built in 1928 and rehabilitated in 1985. The bridge is a single span steel beam structure, with a total length of 42 feet and a width of 16 feet.

A Local Bridge Grant through MDOT will pay for 95 percent of the project, which is expected to take place in the summer of 2014.

Siddall said the bridge's weight restrictions will be increased after the project.

Tran Longmoore
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