LinkCrew's Furry Finals Results in Donation to Ele's Place

 08/13/2015 - 18:42

Members of SHS Link Crew and the owner The Family Puppy presented a check to Ele's Place Thursday. Pictured are Mackenzie Hagood, LinkCrew, John Stotelle, The Family Puppy, Kate Tippett, Ele's Place, Marie Schluter, SHS Assistant Principal, and Annie Fuelle, LinkCrew.

When you do good things, the ripple effect keeps giving.

Last spring, in the midst of exam season, about 70 freshmen spent a few quiet and light moments with playful and cuddly puppies from The Family Puppy, a Livonia pet store. “Furry Finals,” was organized by Saline High School Link Crew, a group of students which works to help freshmen adjust to high school life.

As a result of the event, Link Crew raised $141 for Ele’s Place, a healing center for grieving children and teens. Thursday afternoon, The Family Puppy owner John Stotelle joined LinkCrew members at Ele’s Place and matched LinkCrew’s donation with his own check for $150.

Kate Tippett, events coordinator for Ele’s Place, was glad to receive a the donations as a result of the students’ efforts.

“What’s better than kids helping kids. Our groups are peer support groups. That’s what it’s all about,” Tippett said. “Things like this are what help keep our programs running.”

LinkCrew leaders Mackenzie Hagood and Annie Fuelle helped dream up the Furry Finals event. They both took time from their summer vacation to present the check to Ele’s Place. They agreed that Furry Finals was a success.

“Everybody loved it. They wanted to see it more often. They were all a lot more concerned about seeing the puppies than they were worried about exams,” Hagood said.

“We had a really positive response,” Fuelle agreed.

Stotelle provided puppies for the Furry Finals. At the time, he said he was glad to give his puppies so much human interaction. Thursday he explained his decision to match LinkCrew’s donation and said he hopes to find other ways to help Ele’s Place.

“We see Ele’s Place as a place that really helps kids in need. We think interacting with dogs and animals is a great way to relieve tension and grief,” Stotelle said. “Socialization is a huge factor for us and we want these puppies to meet and greet as many people as possible. It helps the kids, but it helps the puppies, too.”

LinkCrew members will be trained next week. They’ll help with freshman orientation Aug. 27.


Tran Longmoore
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