Meet Saline's Favorite Snowman, Bill Rosemelia

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 12/19/2012 - 13:22


There’s nothing frosty about Saline’s favorite snowman, Bill Rosamelia.

Over the last four years, dressed in his puffy, white snowman suit, the friendly Rosamelia has become a favorite fixture at Saline holiday events.

“The kids love Frosty,” said Rosemelia. “The best part of wearing this suit is the way the kids react when they see me.  I love the expression on their faces. Even the adults smile when they see Frosty.”

For the last four years, Frosty has greeted children along the Saline Holiday Parade route and posed for pictures with kids at the Treasure Trail to Santa event. He’s also worked at Santa’s Village at Stone Arch Arts & Events, participated in the Varsity Blues holiday concert, and volunteered at Evangelical Homes.

Rosemelia’s transformation into a giant snowman happened out of the blue. He’d lived in Florida for 21 years and always wanted to work as a character at Disneyworld. Four years ago, recovering from double bypass surgery in his Saline home, Rosemelia put on the magic hat.

“I was sitting at home doing nothing. I got bored and went on the computer and bought the Frosty the Snowman costume,” Rosemelia said. “I figured I could use it to volunteer at nursing homes or the children’s hospital.”

He called Saline City Hall to see if he could use the snowman suit to deliver flyers in city neighborhoods. City staff directed him to parade organizer Art Trapp and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Frosty character looks carefree and jolly as he saunters down Michigan Avenue in the parade. And Rosemelia does love the parade. But it’s a workout. The 160-pound Rosemelia tacks on an extra 20 pounds when he puts on the costume.

“It’s hot and sweaty. Believe me. I also wear a fat suit. It’s basically stuffing wrapped in plastic,” Rosemelia said.

And true to the story, Frosty melts away 5-10 pounds during the parade.

But it’s all worth it, Rosemelia said.

“I paid $300 for the costume. It’s the best $300 I ever spent,” he said.

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