Saline Fiddlers To Audition for America's Got Talent

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 01/16/2013 - 14:48


The Saline Fiddlers have performed in pretigious venues, such White House and Kennedy Center. Now they’re preparing for a chance to perform in front of millions of Americans on network television.

“Imagine what it was like to check my voicemail last Friday and hear the message from NBC Television asking us to try out for America’s Got Talent,” said Mark Visovatti, booking manager for the Saline Fiddlers.

The band, known throughout the country for its stage show that includes music, song and dance from the traditions of American folk fiddle, bluegrass, jazz, western swing and Celtic music, heads to Chicago Jan. 26 for a pre-arranged appointment audition.

(To help pay for the trip to Chicago, click here)

Visovatti said if the Saline Fiddlers make it through three auditions, appear on the show and win, there’s a $1 million prize awaiting the band. Just making on to national television, however, would be a major victory for the Saline Fiddlers program, whose performers are all students at Saline High School. What would an appearance on the show mean to the group?

“Our Facebook page would be overrun and our phone would never stop ringing with offers to play around the country. And every little old lady in the land would click the donated button on our website,” Visovatti said with a laugh.

The Saline Fiddlers have played throughout the country and across the ocean. But Visovatti never envisioned trying to land a spot on one of the big network talent shows.

“I think NBC sees us as the kind of talented group America might embrace. This is something we never would have sought out. But they recognized us and reached out to us,” Visovatti said. “We want to explore this because this something that the kids deserve. They’ve worked really hard and, to say the least, they were elated about this.”

Visovatti said he’s not too worried about the band being lanced by one of the show’s outspoken hosts.

“With kids, they’re fair. If we make it to the show, I think they’d see the goodness in what we are,” Visovatti said. “This is a talented group of kids. This isn’t some guy whose talent is letting people punch him in the groin.”

Visovatti said the Saline Fiddlers staff is working feverishly to organize the trip. The television show doesn’t pay bands to audition. So the Saline Fiddlers are funding the trip to Chicago, which includes paying for a charter bus trip.

People can help fund the Saline Fiddlers' trip by donating on their website.


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