The Saline Reporter: Loss of An Old Friend

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 04/15/2014 - 14:11

A SAD PASSING OF A DEAR FRIEND ---- I was deeply saddened to hear of the final passing of an old friend. One who had a history of being a true Saline area community supporter and one who we all came to rely on as part of just about every important event we had going on. We should all have a moment of silence to remember and be thankful!\

It's not that we didn't suspect the end. We all knew our longtime friend had been in continuing frail health---literally on life support lately. Still, it's tough a relied-on friend, who began life with such great vision and support from dedicated individuals through the years, leave us ----- and especially hard to take when it's ultimately due to misguided perceptions from remote and ill-advised decision-makers who finally and literally "pulled the plug" on everything last week..

If you haven’t guessed who I’m about by now (probably most have) I'm referring to the final issue of THE SALINE REPORTER and with it the last vestiges of our local newspaper. Last week was the final blow. It didn’t come with a thud, but just sort of a quiet wimper. A really strange "county-wide news" paper made it clear the mission and the vision of The Saline Reported was truly and officially dead.

How sad and yet how ironic it is too. The Saline Reporter started with the vision and impetus from one man, Paul Tull, who made the dream grow and who and rallied others around him to share the vision. It’s ironic because now that we have grown into a vibrant and newsworthy community we are back to having the vision kept alive by one man, Tran Longmoore.

Tran and "The Saline Post" is now more than ever and truly in the spotlight for any meaningful Saline community media coverage. Look around and for anything happening in our community, he’s there. He'll needs our support in the days ahead. Don't leave us Tran. We can rally again!


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