Opinion: Vote Yes to Maintain Excellent Saline Schools

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 11/02/2015 - 10:01

Graduates of Saline Area Schools (SAS), teaching in public schools for a combined 60 years and involved in many Saline School activities and fundraisers, we strongly urge all Saline Area School residents and our friends to vote “YES” on the November 3 election.  This vote will be necessary for the district to maintain its leadership role as a quality learning environment for all Saline students.

Being involved in the Foundation for Saline Area Schools, we have had the opportunity to witness “Next Generation” classrooms in operation.  This is not just plugging in iPads and searching the internet, but incorporating an individualized and engaging yet challenging curriculum and learning experiences to support our students by resdesigning the learning classroom, teaching pedagogy and use of technology.

SAS has identified all updates required in each building and for all grounds.  The important of heating and plumbing revisions is obvious, but other revisions result from security and transportation law changes.  Our buildings are a major investment and we need to value the importance of maintaining these.  The project is structured over a three (3) series of selling the bonds to enable raising funds in an economical manner in a 10 year period.  More detailed information at salinetaxmodel.com or Scot Graden, Superintendent at [email protected] 734-401-4001.

Please for “YES” on November 3.

Jim and Cheryl Hoeft
Saline Residents



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