Teen Leads Saline Police on Chase

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 12/28/2012 - 12:59

A 16-year-old Saline boy was arrested after leading Saline Police on a chase through city streets, unplowed and icy dirt roads and fields early Friday morning.

The chase ended when the driver crashed a pickup truck into a ditch.  The driver and passengers, his 15-year-old girlfriend and her 13-year-old friend, were uninjured.

“It’s always nice when situations like this end without injuries,” said Saline Police Detective Don Lupi.


The boy faces several charges, including feeling and eluding, driving with an improper plate, and violation of a restricted license.

“Aside from the punishment he’ll receive from his family, this case will be handled by the juvenile courts,” Lupi said.

The boy took his father’s truck without permission, according to the report, and brought the girls out for a drive. He was dropping them off at one of the girl’s home when police began following.

Police were stationed at Michigan Avenue and Ann Arbor Street when they saw an eastbound White Dodge Ram with no rear license plate.

Police began trailing the vehicle which immediate quickly turned south on Davenport. After the driver turned west on Henry Street, police activated the emergency lights to make a stop.

According to the report, the driver accelerated when police turned on the lights.

According to the report, the boy feared being pulled over without a driver’s license and license plate, and thought he might be able to get away.

The driver went through the stop sign at Harris Street. Police then activated the siren. The vehicle continued west on Henry, running stop signs at Ann Arbor Street and Monroe Street, where the driver turned south. The pursuit continued south on Monroe Street at an average speed of 70 miles per hour, 15 above the speed limit. Speeds approached 90 miles per hour as the chase moved to Jordan Road. The chase continued west on the unpaved and icy Willow Road, where police backed off and followed from a distance.

Police lost sight of the vehicle and continued to follow tracks in the snow, occasionally seeing tail lights. Police followed the tracks north back toward town when they spotted the suspect vehicle on Braun Road, heading east toward Jordan. The vehicle then went north through a field. The vehicle exited the field on Jordan Road where it was pursued by a Washtenaw County deputy. The vehicle continued North on Macon Road and then west on Johnson Road. The vehicle turned onto a service road that ends at a cell phone tower. About 50 yards southwest of the tower the vehicle crashed into a ditch. After the crash, two female occupants got out of the pickup and rain toward police. The driver exited the vehicle and walked to the police cruiser. The three were taken into custody with no further incident, according to the report.

The boy told police that the girls repeatedly attempted to convince him to stop. He told police he thought he’d gotten away when he cut through the fields.

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