Preview Arti Gras 2020 at the 109 Cultural Exchange

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 02/10/2020 - 19:10
Arti Gras 2020 Preview


The Arti Gras Preview Show is now up at The 109 Cultural Exchange located at 109 Michigan Ave in downtown Saline.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the fabulous handmade artwork that will be available at the 2020 Arti Gras event at Salt Valley Arts silent auction on March 1st. Arti Gras is a party for the arts and a fundraiser for Salt Valley Arts, a local nonprofit art organization. 

Each year the party has a different theme or twist. This year’s theme is “Make Your Fortune.” Each artist received a “fortune,” like the ones you get in a cookie at a Chinese restaurant, to use as an inspiration for their artwork. Arti Gras 2020 will be a silent auction of art inspired by the artist’s “fortune.”

Stay tuned for more information about Arti Gras 2020 Party for the Arts. But for now, be sure to visit the 109 Cultural Exchange and browse the original fortune-inspired works of art in oil, watercolor, pastel, fiber arts, jewelry, collage, encaustic, and much more! The pieces will be on display for the month of February. 

Check out the 109 Cultural Exchange Facebook page for more information. 

Check out Salt Valley Arts Facebook page for more details about the 2020 Arti Gras event.

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