2017 Saline Varsity Boys Basketball Roster

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2017 Saline Varsity Boys Basketball Roster
First Name Last Name Grade
(Number Format)
Trevor Arico 10
Jayden Belskus 12
Zachary Drevno 12
Lucas Ebert 11
Ethan Friedrichsen 11
Ryan Grill 11
Adam Heisler 12
Peter Jacobson 11
Ryan Koch 11
Jamesen Simion 11
Connor Terech 11
Emmett Turner 12
Erik Wenning 12
Griffin Yaklich 10

Looking forward to seeing Jake Fosdick's Hornets this season. In many respects it's going to be a brand new team, with Ryan Foley, Jake Finkbeiner, Calder Pellerin and Juice Zylstra off at college.

There are only five seniors on the roster. Emmett Turner is the only returning starter. Erik Wenning came off the bench last year. Adam Heisler didn't play much at all. Was told that Heisler has looked bigger and faster in practice. Could be interesting. He was dominant at times in JV.

Did Zach Drevno and Jayden Belskus even play basketball last year?

Junior Connor Terech also played significant minutes last year - often spelling Turner under the basket. Obviously, this team should be pretty strong under the basket with Turner and Terech. 

Wenning has show some outside shooting ability. Is he going to bring the ball up the floor?

I don't know much about some of the other juniors. I saw the names of Ryan Koch and Ethan Friedrichsen frequently in Steve Sheldon's write-ups from the JV games.

The even bigger mystery to me are the sophomores - Trevor Arico and Griffin Yaklich. I doubt you put a sophomore on the team to sit at the end of the bench, so you've got to think they figure heavily into Fosdick's plans.

Looking forward to talking to Jake Fosdick and seeing the Hornets soon.