Does your car turn heads in Saline?

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Does your car turn heads in Saline?

Thanks to the newly-opened Forums here on The Saline Post, I thought November 1st a perfect day to see if there was interest in discussing some of the great vehicles we see on the streets of Saline.

Happened upon this convertible just before 8:00am on July 28, 2015. Serendipitously, I was headed down North Ann Arbor Street toward a left turn onto Michigan Avenue — a route I don't normally take. Anyone have anything to add about this car? Better still, who has images of their own to share,  of cars you drive, you've seen, or both?

Edited 11/9/2017: Directly uploaded same image that had previously been linked from another website

What camera did you use Dell?

What camera did you use Dell?

iPhone 6 Plus

As the saying goes, "the best camera is the one you have with you." All (JPEG) image processing done in-camera.

Chevrolet on North Ann Arbor Street, 2015
Chevy on N Ann Arbor Street, 2015

Just a little over two years ago, this was North Ann Arbor Street on August 8. Event was the 2015 Saline Street Machines car show.

As attendees (and surely participants!) will recall, we had a lot of rain throughout that event — which coincides with Saline's Summerfest. That meant we got to see a lot of convertibles normally shown top-town in a different configuration, such as is the case with the Chevrolet here.

Moreover, I always prefer photographs of vehicles in context. Notice details in the downtown backdrop as it was just prior to the 2016 Michigan Avenue reconstruction effort. Previous generation street lamps; sidewalk before the guardrail and drop-off we now have.

Detroit Dog Co was gone. Today we have Sweet Leilani's Deserts in its place.

The Drowsy Parrot had closed its doors more than a year prior, but, nicely, the beautiful logo had not yet been removed when I made this photograph. A bit later, who remembers that "Save the Parrot" crowdfunding pitch aimed at placing a yoga, Pilates studio in its place? Believe it or not, that came and went just last year.

Now we have McPherson Local at 105 North Ann Arbor Street and I'm personally glad for that.


Cadillac fins on North Ann Arbor Street, 2015
Cadillac with fins on North Ann Arbor Street

Another photograph from the 2015 Saline Street Machines car show. This one is from 3:00pm on August 8, with a bit of clearing to the rain albeit under a still ominous sky. The Oxygen Plus seen in the background here is now The Cheese Shop of Saline. What a difference just two years can make on a single street in downtown Saline, eh?

Kind of gaudy, but that's one

Kind of gaudy, but that's one impressive looking car.

Kudos to the designers of that beast.

Classic coupe, "Certified Pre-Owned"
Classic car on US-12, "Certified Pre-Owned"

Happened across this on my way out of town a couple of years ago, August 17, 2015, just before lunchtime. I liked the idea that, at first glance, it almost doesn't look like a contemporary photograph. The United States flag is one obvious clue.

Any others?

Bonus points for the first person (other than Tran!) to give the location.

Lincoln Continental at Junga's ACE Hardware, 2016
Lincoln Continental at Junga's ACE Hardware

Ominous storms passing through when I made this photograph. Rain had only briefly cleared.

Another nice context shot (my preference), rather enhanced by the appropriateness of the suggestion that an older automobile might benefit from what the good folks at Junga's ACE Hardware have to offer. 

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