School Psychologist (Grades K -12)

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      Student Support Services/Psychologist
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      Saline Middle School
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    School Psychologist (Grades K -12)
    Saline Middle School & Saline High School 


    Position Purpose             
    Under the general supervision of the Director of Student Services, to assist students, teachers and parents in enabling students to derive the fullest potential educational experience from school by promoting positive self esteem and resilience, and providing suggested methods and plans for overcoming psychological or mental health problems.


    Essential Performance Responsibilities


    • Conducts psychological assessments, testing and diagnostic examinations of students for the purpose of recommending courses of action or corrective procedures to maximize learning and overcoming psychological issues.
    • Conducts individual, group or facilitative therapy for students whose diagnosed problems would benefit from behavior modification or differentiated instruction.
    • Assists with the identification and placement of all types of exceptional students.
    • Coordinates with administrators and other teaching staff members to ascertain individual student's abilities and needs, including students with special needs, and to familiarize stakeholders with psychological services.
    • Attends IEP meetings as needed for students with special needs.
    • Serves as a resource and consultant on mental health and child psychology, conducts in-service programs as requested.
    • Assists with the school district's dropout prevention efforts.
    • Serves as ready resource to students to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.
    • Continues to acquire professional knowledge and learn of current developments in the educational field by attending seminars, workshops or professional meetings, or by conducting research, and by maintaining professional relationships.
    • Organizes and maintains a system for accurate and complete record-keeping and providing student information to prospective colleges and employers, as required by district procedures and applicable laws.
    • Encourages parental involvement in students' education and ensures effective communication with students and parents.
    • Selects and requisitions appropriate books, aids and other supplies and equipment and maintains inventory records.

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