Tell Us About Baseball Coach Scott Theisen

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Tell Us About Baseball Coach Scott Theisen

Long-time Saline baseball coach Scott Theisen won't be returning to the dugout this spring. Theisen, the interim AD at Saline, will be replaced by Dave Sontag.     

We'd like to do a story about Scott's great baseball career. If you played for Theisen or coached with him, share a few memories and tell us what made him so successfull.

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Coach Theisen

I played for Coach Theisen in the early-mid 2000s and coached with him for several years later on. I've never worked with a more upstanding person and more talented coach in my career. His attention to detail and ability to stay organized during practices and games always gave us a competitive advantage. I tried to emulate those qualities in my own coaching as well. That's a major reason that he's also going to make a great athletic director.

Do the math. When you have to double check to be reminded of how many times Scott took the team to the State Title game, you know you're doing something right. All the Final Four trips, too many SEC titles to count, and the CHAMPIONSHIP in 2017, I think I speak for all former players in saying thank you for everything you did for me and best of luck in your new endeavors!

- Jeff Waltz

Coach Theisen

I played for Coach Theisen for three years and coached pitchers and outfielders with him for three years. One thing that encompasses what Coach Theisen meant to all of his players and coaches is this...Everyone who was associated with Saline Baseball wanted the state championship for Coach much more than he did for himself. Don't get me wrong - he wanted it, but he didn't need it. Coach didn't need it because everyone who played for or against Saline already knew how great Coach Theisen was and what Saline Baseball was. Everyone already knew he did things "the right way." He never took a short cut, whined, or felt sorry. He just worked harder, learned more, and evolved. I think that's why we all wanted IT so badly for him, because if anyone ever "deserved" a state championship, it was him. I don't like to use the word "deserved," but it fits in this case.

The three years I coached with Scott Theisen, we made it to the state finals all three years. We lost all three (but won a boatload of other games!). After each state finals game, Scott had just the right words for those heart-broken players (and assistant coaches). He reminded us of all the good that happened that year, all the wins, the relationships, the memories, and how a loss can't change any of that. His perspective was amazing. With all the time and work put in, you'd think he would have taken a minute to be just mad about it, but he never showed that.

My favorite Coach Theisen quote was his famous "The hay's in the barn" talk at the beginning of each state playoff run. It meant the day's hard work had been done, and it was time to just play and have fun. Well, we played a lot and had a lot of fun. The hay's in the barn now for you, Coach Theisen, as far as coaching baseball is concerned. I hope you feel pride and success in your job well done.