Tran's Keto Diet Journal

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Tran's Keto Diet Journal

I lost 100 pounds the first time I did the Keto diet, from early July until Dec. 24, 2017.

I fell off the wagon in delved rather insatiably into the world of carbohyrdates again. Donuts. Cookies. Sandwiches. Cheese Shop of Saline sandwiches. Matty J's baked goods. Donuts. Soda.

So, I've put 37 pounds back on. I'm not too alarmed. I knew I could just go back on the diet again. Besides, I don't really feel it yet. I still feel like I'm moving well when I play ball hockey. In fact, eating carbs seems to give me a little more explosiveness, despite the weight, when I'm running. And losing a lot of weight seemed to hurt the velocity of my slapshot. I was also a lot easier to push off the ball.

Still, there are other factors to consider. Blood pressure. Risk of heart attack from the extra weight.

So today, I'm starting the Keto diet again. The goal this time is to drop to 175 and, along the way, find the motivation to eat healthy once I hit my goal.

I weighed in today, April 10, at 216. My goal is 175. I estimate I'll arrive at my goal around July 1, or so.

I've started this forum topic so that others wanting to try the diet can learn. I'll share what I've eaten and what kind of exercise I've done each day.

Register at and ask questions along the way.

Or, maybe join the diet and share your journey.

If you have another diet, register and create another topic. We'd love to see what's working for other people.


The plan for today is bacon, eggs, cheese and water.