We'd Like to See City Council Candidates Answer Questions Here

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We'd Like to See City Council Candidates Answer Questions Here

With voting for three City Council seats set to start in less than 24 hours, we would appreciate it if candidates would answer questions posed here on "The Saline Post." See "Meet the Candidates Running for Saline City Council," October 29, 2017. We posed our own concerns in the Comment section on October 30. On November 2, it looked like there were some upset feelings when it was noted that these questions had still not been addressed on "The Saline Post" site (or anywhere else that we've seen, although it shouldn't make sense that readers should have to hunt around for answers from their elected officials). It seemed that some candidates said that they would respond, but, as of late this morning (on November 6), we are still not seeing anything more here on "The Saline Post."

Again, respectfully, we would appreciate it if the candidates would answer the questions posed by ourselves and others before voting begins. We know that there are only three candidates running for only three open seats. But perhaps a good example to follow would be that of Mayor Marl who, though running unopposed last year, still campaigned as if he were running against a pack of others. This is good for accountability.

Sorry I didn't see this

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Would have shared it on social media.

Trying to bring the conversation to the site has proven difficult. But it's a worthy struggle. If we can move it here we won't be subject to Facebook's whims.

Comments should stick with stories

As I've said elsewhere, it's going to feel like a few of us just talking to ourselves for a while until this new paradigm takes hold. Then I got an object lesson in my own Comment here! evangelism when I was organizing my thoughts in response to your piece on the interim SPD Chief. Look back at the stories and all the reader comments are right there with them. Organized and immediately accessible. Forever. I'd like to see that happen here on The Saline Post, with forum contributions as icing on the cake.

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