Art Around Saline Artist Spotlight: Sandra Difazio

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 07/07/2017 - 16:20

“Art Around Saline” brought four large framed prints of art to the exterior walls of Saline downtown businesses.  The project was initiated by the City of Saline Arts & Culture Committee and in collaboration with the Saline Main Street. The goals of this new and unique project are to enhance and promote public art within the City of Saline, highlight the work of local artists, and increase and enhance pride in the city and its growing art culture.

This article is the first in a series describing the four art pieces with profiles of the artists.

Sandra Difazio’s oil painting, “Sutherland-Wilson Farm,” is located on the west wall of The Pineapple House.  The painting started as a plein air painting at the Harvest Festival last September.  “Near the end of the Festival, a sudden rain storm came up and we literally had to grab our stuff and run for it.  Fortunately my painting was near completion before the rain started and I was able to touch it up later.

“My interest in art began at a very young age.  One of my earliest memories was in the second grade.  I won a ‘nickel’ for the best class drawing.  That was my first inkling that I was on to something. The desire to create has always been a part of me, and natural drawing skills served me well all through my school years.  I took art classes in college and, to refine my skills, I’ve taken various workshops from professional artists.”  Difazio worked as a graphic designer but she notes that her passion has always been to paint, especially painting plein air in recent years.

Difazio is active in art organizations including Ann Arbor Women Artists, Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association, Oil Painters of America, and Vice President of Saline Painters Guild.  Her work is in galleries throughout Michigan.

The Art Around Saline Task Force is now pleased to announce the expansion of its public art display through a grant from the Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau Community Tourism Action Plan (CTAP) Program.  Four new original two-dimensional works from visual artists will be selected for a one-year outdoor exhibition.  Go to for more information and application. These will be in addition to the original four works (profiled in a series beginning with this feature) that were installed in May in historic downtown Saline.  The Art Around Saline Task Force is made up of the City of Saline Arts & Culture Committee, Saline Main Street Design Team, and the Saline CTAP Advisory Committee.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]  or Riley Hollenbaugh, Executive Director Saline Main Street at (734) 717-7406.


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