Video: Saline Street Machines Car Show 2017

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 08/15/2017 - 22:05
The 2017 Saline Street Machines car show was welcomed to downtown by several new merchants on North Ann Arbor Street, including McPherson Local. Image © 2017 d2 Saline, All Rights Reserved.

It's not the same as being there, of course.

Still, we thought those who missed it might enjoy seeing a two-minute video highlighting the 35th annual Saline Street Machines car show held last Saturday downtown. And if you were there, here's a brief reminder of that wonderful day.

Although the event itself didn't extend onto US-12, this was the first downtown automotive extravaganza since the 2016 Michigan Avenue re-construction work wrapped. So, for those interested in making comparisons of North Ann Arbor Street, we've also included a link to our production from the Saline Street Machines appearance during Saline's Summerfest in 2014.

Here's 2017:

[ autoplay:0]

Here's 2014:

[ autoplay:0]

How many differences did you notice?

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