Construction Update: South Ann Arbor Street to Close Early Next Week

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 07/08/2016 - 16:04

(Submitted by City of Saline DPW Director Jeff Fordice)

Underground utility work and streetscape work continue to dominate the construction project.  But next week we will begin to see progress on the surface as new curbs and sidewalks will be installed.

The City of Saline is selling pieces of the old street car tracks on a first come first served basis at City Hall, for those folks that would like to own a piece of Saline history.  The cost is $25 for a 12” section of track; a portion of the proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of cutting up the track with the balance going towards a fundraiser to assist in paying for the new downtown streetscape.

Week of July 11th   

Traffic Information
The Harris Street intersection reopened July 8th.

South Ann Arbor Street will close again on July 11th and remain closed until Wednesday July 13th.  This closure is for pouring concrete sidewalks.  See the pedestrian section below regarding access to businesses during this closure.

Lewis Street will experience some intermittent flag control during installation of curb and gutter.

MDOT signal division has approved new timing for the detour route traffic signals.  The new timing will allow more green time for north-south traffic during off-peak hours.  This timing should be activated the week of July 11th.

City staff encourages everyone to slow down, be patient and obey the traffic signs.  In addition, please do not take short-cuts through private property in an attempt to avoid the current traffic shifts/detour routes, as it is illegal and unsafe.  And please pause to let people out of their driveways. 

Pedestrian Traffic
South Ann Arbor will be closed to vehicular traffic July 11th – 13th, but will remain open to pedestrians.  Pedestrians will be detoured into the street during concrete work.  Access to businesses will be maintained.  Please follow the signs, obey the barricades, and watch your step.

There are parts of the construction zone that are not open to pedestrian traffic.  For example, the walkway in front of Oakwood Cemetery on the Michigan Ave side is not open to pedestrian traffic; there are signs in place that say sidewalk closed.  There are also signs designating alternate pedestrian routes throughout the construction zone.  Please obey the signs and seek alternate pedestrian routes that don’t include walking down the middle of re-routed traffic lanes.

[video: align:center]

Construction Activities
Construction of the storm water outfall at the Saline River will begin July 11th with the installation of a coffer dam in the river.  This temporary structure will protect the river from sediment and allow the outfall foundation to be poured.

Curb and gutter will be formed from Monroe Street to Ann Arbor Street.  Hoffman Brothers will work with properties to maintain access during this process.

South Ann Arbor Street sidewalks will be poured.  Installation of light pole bases continues.

Traffic signal conduits will be bored under US-12 at Ann Arbor Street. 

Water main installation continues from Harris to Davenport.  Service lines are being tied over as the new main is certified.

Please stay tuned for updates as the Michigan Ave project progresses.  The City of Saline staff will be providing a minimum of a weekly update and sometimes daily informational postings depending on what is taking place in the construction zone. 

Remember to visit our local Saline businesses during and after this great project and look for the Pave It Forward logo and the fun promotions being provide by Saline Main Street and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. 

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